Not only does Nepal offer glorious mountain trekking and raging river rafting, but it also has a fine selection of pristine national parks. A Jungle Safari in Nepal can be a very exciting experience. You can trek into the jungle by foot with an experienced tracker, by elephant back, by dugout canoe or by jeep. A safari in Nepal is a fun filled package ideal for anyone. The national parks offer a range of accommodations from lush resorts to basic tent style. The resorts make a package for you that included everything from your sleeping arrangements to meals to days full of activity.

Means Nature walk or Jungle walk overlooking or observing the enthralling beauty of Jungle vicinity. Actuality jungle walks bestow close-up chance to analyze different categories of animals as well as observe their track, sign and sounds. The most gripping and attention-grabbing program offered by Nepal not found elsewhere in the world is regard as jungle safari. In Nepal, you will discover the ideal situation of viewing the jungle scenery, birds and animals and the indigenous local people, their colorful tradition, unique dress and languages.

Nepal attracts visitors from all over the world for jungle safari in the Terai region. In fact, a visit to the jungle involves game-stalking by a variety of means-: foot, dugout, canoe, jeep, elephant back etc. Far beyond one’s imagination, a jungle safari in Nepal offers one of the finest experiences and opportunities to see a variety of wildlife, flora and fauna species. Going on a jungle safari is a great way to relax after trekking any time of year except the monsoon season is a good time to visit the national parks.

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