You know that Nepal is home to eight out of fourteen highest peaks in the world, but did you know that Nepal is also called world’s second largest country in terms of water resources? Nepal three great River Systems, i. e. the Kosi(or SaptaKosi) River, the Narayani River (Gandak River), and the Karnali River originate in Tibet from glaciers & lakes, flow down south through deep gorges, and after overflowing and irrigating the Terai plains flow toward Ganges in India. Each of these mighty rivers have seven major tributaries – the tributaries themselves no less ferocious. For example the famous Bhote Kosi or Sun Kosi Rivers are the two tributaries among the seven of the SaptaKosi River.

Adventurous souls recently discovered that some of the thousands of roaring rivers in Nepal offer a variety of white water sports. Rafting, Kayaking, & sightseeing along the river course from the Himalayas to the Terai plain have become popular activities among those yearning for adventure, nature, & cultural insights.

1 Day
Trishuli River Rafting is an adventure activity where you get to raft down the river of Trishuli nearly half the day, in which you are...
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