Bhutan, an independent kingdom in the eastern Himalayas, is the last bastion of Tibetan Buddhist culture and religion in its purest form. Often also known as the Land of Thundering Dragon, it’s a mystical place rich in natural beauty of the fascinating Himalayas and the remote monasteries and spiritual temples. Although Bhutan opened up for tourism in the late 70’s, it has managed to minimize the effect of the outside influences and virtually untouched, be it environmentally, religiously and in architecture and lifestyle too. Thus, it is considered as a traveler’s paradise. Various tours are on offer in Bhutan which is filled with fun and excitement taking you to its open landscapes, beautiful mountains and visits to artistic cultural temples and monuments. Plus you get to know more about rich Buddhist culture, ancient Buddhist traditions and many more customs and traditions still practiced today. Breakfree Adventures offers you different such packages for your trip to Bhutan; all you need to do is choose one of them as per your interest and traveling time frame. No Matter which tour you select, it will be an enjoyable and fascinating experience.

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