Trekking in Tibet is a great exploration outing for any adventure seekers and keen hikers. Tibet offers numerous trekking opportunities and allows trekkers to see and witness it’s real wonders and get to know the age-old culture & tradition of this religious land. Especially rural and remote Tibet is hidden paradise where time has stood still for centuries. The land is bestowed by unique landscape with ancient religion and culture too. For many centuries the only form of transportation across Tibet was by walking or by horses. Mostly Tibetan has been nomads and traders traveling across the country with their yak caravans trading salts, yak butter for other goods in order to survive in the harsh and barren land. Thus, they have many such caravan routes. Not only for trade Tibetans make pilgrimage journeys like the one to the Holy Mt. Kailash & Lake Mansarover. Mt. Kailash is the holy site not only for Buddhist but for Hindus alike, and every year thousands of Hindu & Buddhist pilgrimages come to Kailash to circumnavigate the mountain.

There are other various trekking trails to embark and among them is the Everest Base Camp, the most renowned and popular one. Besides, there exits other exciting trekking routes such as Kharta Valley, Namtso Lake, Advance Everest Base Camp, Ganden Samye, Shisapangma Base Camp etc. Kharta Valley trek offers some of the grandest Himalayan panorama during it’s spectacular hike including steep sided valleys and glacial lakes. In summer the valley is beautifully covered with magnificent grassland colorful wild flowers. Likewise, trek to Namtso Lake allows observing some beautiful birds during the summer season as well as very remote nomad landscapes in the planet. It really is a great trek to witness it’s nomad wilderness, the lake surrounding areas, yak herds, high plain open grassland and breathtaking views of the snow-clad peak Mt. Nying Cheng Thangla (7,210m). Usually Tibetan treks are combined with sightseeing at the main cultural heartland, Lhasa. The capital city of Tibet, Lhasa has a history of over 1300 years and many cultural & religious sites are located here such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Norbulinka, Sera Monastery, Ramoche Temple, Barkhor Market etc.

Trekking in Tibet is perhaps one of the most remote and rugged journeys into the distant and unexplored locations on earth. Most the trek here is done as camping basis as facilities are limited and basic. It’s one of the last places in the world to witness the pristine wilderness so a sense of adventure and exploration is required. Truly trekking in Tibet is one of the challenging and rewarding journeys of a lifetime.

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