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Best Time to Visit Nepal

Nepal is an ideal destination for tourists all through the year. The best season to visit Nepal is autumn (Oct-Dec) and spring (March-April). In autumn, the weather is usually clear with warm days and cold nights. In spring, the morning are usually clear but afternoons could invite some occasional showers. The days are warm with blossoming flowers and vegetation are spectacular at this time of the year. Trekking during the winter (Dec-Feb) is possible as the days will be clearer with un-obscured mountain panorama.

Trekking during monsoon (Jun-Sep) is generally difficult and uncomfortable as the weather remains hot and heavy downpour deteriorates the trekking trail. The trail becomes muddy and are leech infested plus the mountains are usually obscured by clouds. But during monsoon, summer trekking in the trans-Himalayan regions of Mustang, Dolpo and Tibet is possible as these regions are less affected by rainfall.

Nepal has four Climatic Seasons:

Spring (Mar-May):
The temperature is mild in low lands while moderate in higher altitudes with plenty of opportunity to enjoy the Himalayan panorama. It is also the time for flowers to blossom and Rhododendron - the national flower of Nepal, can be seen blossoming decorating the entire region high up in the Himalayan trails.

Summer (Jun-Aug):
Summer is also the monsoon season in Nepal during when weather is hot and wet at times. It rains almost every day with occasional thunderstorm in the evening.

Autumn (Sep-Nov):
This is the best time to visit Nepal and pick tourist season. The weather is pleasant with clear blue sky. One can truly enjoy the scenic view of natural glamor during this season. This is also the season to celebrate some of the national festivals of Nepal like Dashain and Tihar.

Winter (Dec-Feb):
In the winter season though the weather is cold but the sky will be clear with occasional snowfall in the higher elevations. This season is ideal for trekking in lower elevations.

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