Bhutan Tourism Update 2022

Latest update Jul 01, 2022

Bhutan is fully open for international traveler from July 2022 with no quarantine

As per the latest Bhutan travel update visas will be issued to tourists only after necessary conditions are fulfilled. These include hotels, tourist’s health insurance, itinerary, tour guide and transport arrangements which must be confirmed. Only then TCB- The Tourism Council of Bhutan, recommends visa issuance. These conditions were necessary to assure tourists have a good experience looking into the tourism policy of Bhutan as ‘high value-low volume’ – TCB’s director-general, Dorji Dhradhul, stated. He further added, “All tourists come with high expectations and the Covid-19 raised the expectations on health and hygiene even higher”.

How many days quarantine in Bhutan?
A press release on March 12 from the prime minister’s office also has a new Bhutan tourism covid update. Now quarantine rules in Bhutan say from onward 25 April 2022 the quarantine days is reduced to five days for those tourists arriving Bhutan with full vaccination and with RT-PCR negative. But quarantine protocol in Bhutan for unvaccinated is quarantined for 10 days. Dorji Dhradhul- Director TCB, mentioned “This would naturally take the country to zero quarantine day” and it’s a progressive move from complete closure of 21 days to 14 days and to 10 and five days. TCB has already developed clean and safe services such as hotels and designated quarantine facilities for tourists.

Bhutan sustainable development fee
Besides the changed quarantine duration in Bhutan, tourists won’t be charged the sustainable development fee and the minimum daily wage rate during the quarantine period of 5 and 10 days. With the quarantine period reduced to 5 days is much welcomed by the tourism stakeholders. The tourism sector is badly hit by the pandemic in Bhutan. Travel agents have been in touch with their travel agents overseas in promoting Bhutan.

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