Corona vaccination in Nepal

Nepal has started inoculation of covid 19 vaccination in Nepal with the Indian COVID-19 vaccine. Covid vaccination started in Nepal in January 2021. Covid vaccine for Nepal first phase were frontline healthcare workers, emergency service workers, and the elderlies who were vaccinated. Covid vaccination schedule in Nepal second phase with the Chinese COVID- 19 vaccine ‘Vero Cell’ started from 4th April 2021. Covid 19 vaccination in Nepal later phase was used not only for frontline health workers, but also others such as staffs from the tourism sector staff, hotel, advertisement, and internet providers. This is to ensure safe travel for tourists in Nepal. With the second phase of covid vaccine in Nepal our office staff including the field staff like trek guides, city guides also got covid 19 vaccination in Nepal.

Name of covid vaccine in Nepal is Vero Cell vaccine. For the second phase of vaccination 800,000 doses of COVID -19 Vero Cell vaccine was received on 29th March 2021. It is manufactured by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products (BIBP) which is the Chinese COVID – 19 vaccine. Corona vaccine for Nepal was approved for emergency use against COVID -19 in Nepal on 17th February 2021.

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