COVID insurance in Nepal waived off

Tourists arriving in Nepal after Oct 17th are allowed to visit Nepal who has a negative PCR test report. They have to be tested negative for Coronavirus 72 hours before leaving their home country to Nepal. With this negative report, tourist arrival in Nepal 2020 won’t have to stay for seven days of quarantine in a hotel. It was decided on the meeting of the Council of Ministers held at the Prime Minister’s residence. But tourists upon immediately arriving in Kathmandu should take the antigen test or instant PCR test for reconfirmation.

Plans for weiving off covid19 insurance in Nepal of US$5000 is also underway. However, the travelers must assure to cover their medical costs by themselves or their agent if in case they are contracted Covid-19 during their Nepal stay. Visa for Nepal will also be issued for foreigners meeting the required criteria after October 17th. Earlier the conditions for visa were that the tourist must secure an entry-visa or an entry-permit in absence of visa-provision in their countries in co-ordination with respective agencies. Once international commercial flights resume after October 17th, the tourism industry in Nepal is all set to run their businesses.

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