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Do and Don’ts in Tibet

- Eat and drink at least a little of whatever the host offers you.
- When visiting a temple, follow the pilgrims and circle the temple clockwise.
- Never touch the head of a Tibetan, the head is considered a sacred part of the body.
- Dont put your arms around someones shoulders.
- Never touch, sit or walk over any religious items such as prayer flags or texts.
- Dont step on the threshold of Tibetan homes.
- Dont throw garbage into a fire.
- Dont sit with your back facing elders.
- Answer clearly when elders or lamas address you.
- Dont stare at anyone for a long time.
- Men and women shouldnt sit too close to each other.
- Dont wear revealing clothing, for example short pants or clothes that show your arms.
- Dont boast about yourself.

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