Nepal is rather known for its enduring natural and cultural heritages. Breakfree adventures is highly concerned in protection and preservation of such monuments and natural environment. We feel that the practice of sustainable methods of travel is our prime concern and our each travel package is designed by keeping the environmental aspect in utmost priority. We work sincerely to ensure that the natural environment is preserved and protected for the generations ahead to come. We make sure that our guests and travelers get full on entertainment and adventure during the trips without hampering or destroying the natural environment. We at Breakfree Adventures have taken keen measures to ensure all the activities delivered by us are environmentally friendly and ecologically sensitive.

Our dedicated team has firm commitment to providing our clients with a safe and eco-friendly trekking experience in the Himalayas and the surrounding areas. All our members are required to attend KEEP, ACAP, TAAN, NTB, and IPPG courses on sustainability and to practice the methods prescribed to keep the environmental impact of our guides/clients during the tour.

Here’re some measures that Breakfree Adventures are undertaking to check and balance environmental and ecological issues.

  • We use only refillable and disposable bottles instead of plastic bottles (also encourage our clients to do the same)
  • We use environment friendly transportation as far as possible (such as walking, cycling, public vehicles)
  • We refrain from using extraneous and non-disposable paper products during the treks
  • We recommend to buy organic foods and products rather than imported items
  • We leave only the footprints on the trail and always carry out what we carry in
  • We raise awareness on environmental and ecological issues before we kick off our every expeditions.

We are also associated with many organizations that are working for the protection and preservation of natural and cultural heritages, environmental issues and sustainable development of such heritages and monuments.

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