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First time trek in Nepal

Generally trekking in Nepal Himalayas is easy and follows good paths with well trampled routes. Nepal is most popular for trekking routes like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and Manasalu. All are well supplied with tea shops and lodges, and the trails between these are well used and present easy walking conditions. We have short and easy to long and difficult treks. We will choose the trek per your time and fitness level. Normally ourtrekking allows plenty of time to comfortably complete the itinerary. To ensure that everyone is in good shape for the rise of the trails like Annapurna Base camp, Everest Base camp, Throngla pass, and other treks, all of our trekking itinerarys include acclimatization days. This climb presents no real difficulty and should be within the capabilities of fit and active hill walkers. However, there are a couple of quite long trekking days and it will be noted that trekking at elevation above 5000m is essentially tiring.

Trekking is physical but certainly not beyond the majority of people. The main thing is what kind of experience we want to have from the trekking. Do we want to reach the center of the great white peaks or so we want to pass through villages with many different cultures. Do we want to get away from it all and ebb into the remote mountains or might we just wish to see a superb mountain view with little energy. Another consideration is how much time we have and in what season we would like to trek. 3 weeks to a month treks at higher passes often close from December to February due to extreme snowfall but 1 to 2 weeks trek will be done easily.

While we are in trekking, walking through the trail after a few days, body and mind will become completely adjusted. So that, it seems this is all one ever meditating, with attention put on every step. Putting ourselves in powerful landscapes where for centuries holy men and pilgrims have lost and found themselves. The villagers of the Himalaya help reveal all that remains hidden during the every day subsistence. We are advising to start an exercise program. If you dont exercise regularly, start. Aerobic fitness is a key factor of a comfortable trekking experience. If your body is used to physical energy, we will be less likely to suffer from tiredness or injury. As many as six months before our trek (depending on your level of physical fitness), aim to start a program of regular physical activity for an hour per day, five days per week.

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