Is Chitwan national park open

Yes, jungle safari in Chitwan national park is very much open since last month from October 2021. Chitwan jungle safari package was closed due to the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic. But with covid calming down in Nepal in recent months, wildlife safari in Chitwan opened up with many hotels and resorts resuming their service and safari programs. But even during non-covid and normal times, Chitwan National Park used to be closed for tourists every year during the rainy season. As soon as the rainy season ease off, Chitwan used to reopen again. But due to the pandemic this year Chitwan remained closed and Chitwan jungle safari wasn’t possible. However, at present times, they have reopened jungle safari in Chitwan. Chitwan National Park’s Chief Conservation Officer has already declared that all tourism activities inside or outside the park is reopened now. He also added jeep safari in Chitwan national park is operational too with the roads inside the park has been repaired. Jeep safari cost in Chitwan national park depends upon the kind of Chitwan jungle safari packages you have bought or Chitwan jungle safari itinerary you are following.

On a packaged tour all including jeep safari is already included. It also includes all accommodations, all meals (breakfast, lunch &dinner) plus other jungle activities. Activities in Chitwan national park cover elephant safari in Chitwan national park, village tour, canoe ride, local village tour, bird watching, elephant breeding center visit, crocodile farm visit, jungle walk. Chitwan National Park’s conservation officer further added that elephant safari and jungle walks are also available now at the community forest adjacent to the park. For those who wish to spend the night at tower-houses inside the forest is also open.

Chitwan national park jungle safari consists of various duration of programs from 1 night 2 days package Chitwan to 2 nights 3 days chitwan package. Most of them cover elephant safari or jeep safari, jungle walk, village tour, cultural program. For those who are looking to stay more than 3 nights 4 days Chitwan package will be the perfect program. Another great jungle safari activities in Nepal is at Bardiya National Park located at the far corner of Nepal in Terai plains. It is the largest and most undistrubted national park of Nepal covering an area of 968 km2 (374 sq mi). Bardia Jungle Safari is another fascinating jungle safari in Nepal.

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