Is Nepal open for tourists now

The answer is ‘Yes’, Nepal is fully open for all tourism activities for the year 2022. According to the latest information released by the Nepalese Government Nepal is open for all travel activities who wish to visit this Himalayan nation. The new rules also say that it will be visas on arrival and no quarantine for fully vaccinated travelers and also for the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. Fully vaccinated travelers also don’t require a PCR negative report and require to show a vaccination certificate showing they are fully vaccinated against the infection. Though for the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated will require a PCR Negative report 72 hours prior to boarding. Children under 5 years won’t require PCR Negative reports. For both vaccinated and unvaccinated/partially vaccinated will need to fill out/submit our CCMC form. All the same rules apply to those entering Nepal via land entry points.

Covid Nepal latest news
Covid in Nepal now shows cases are going down with only 58 new cases, 148 recoveries, 0 deaths in 24 hours. Lives are back to normal in the capital city Kathmandu and other major cities like Pokhara, Bharatpur (Chitwan). But to be on the safer side you need to wear a mask while going outside. You don’t need to show PCR Negative reports like going to restaurants, visiting grocery shops, or touring around the city visiting the tourist sites/temples. If you do develop symptoms while in Nepal then get yourself tested, self-isolate, and go for medical treatment immediately. All cost of medical treatments or rescues if trekking has to be paid by travelers themselves so you need to make sure your travel insurance covers Covid related treatment and rescue. Some of the local destinations if you are trekking in the Himalayas might have their own entry protocols which need to be checked before the trek.

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