Is Nepal safe to visit in 2021?

Yes, so far Nepal is a quite safe travel destination to travel in South Asia even during the time of Covid-19. Most activities and crowded cities in Nepal are Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Bhairawa, Butwal, Dharan and others where things are back to normal and everything is open. The Nepal government has already opened Nepal for visit and trekking activities from October 2020. Since then, though few, people from around the world came to Nepal for trekking and back home safe and sound, and happy.

Covid cases in Nepal are also not increasing as in the past few months. The number of infected patients and death is steadily decreasing, whereas the number of recovering patients is increasing. Nepal is a hotspot especially for trekking in the Himalayas. Besides, there are also others who come to see it’s unique culture and traditions or for adventure sports in Nepal, white water rafting in the Himalayan rivers, pilgrims travelers, jungle safari at Chitwan National Park. There might be rumors but this is the best season to visit Nepal. It’s another main tourist season in Nepal which is spring Mar/Apr/May. Winter ends in February in Nepal so there will be warmer days with clear mountain views. But in the mountains, the weather will be chilly. So, warm clothes should be packed up. Trekkers will witness green nature and blooming flowers on the trek trails. Another high tourist season in Nepal is autumn (September – November) and both of these season sees high tourism activities from trekking to cultural tours, sightseeing, family holidays etc.

Visiting Nepal in the current Covid situation will require travel insurance, a positive PCR report done 72 hours before departure from your homeland, flight ticket itinerary, trek itinerary, 5 days hotel quarantine confirmation letter. The visa process will be then done through your travel agent in Nepal. The countryside and the trek trails are even much safer since you can see no crowds. The tourism industry in Nepal is hopeful that more travelers will visit Nepal this spring season. Should anyone is preparing for treks in Nepal then this is the right time. There are also many travel opportunities in Nepal such as tours in Nepal, helicopter tours, jungle safaris etc.

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