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Latest lockdown update in Nepal is that it started from 29th April 2021 for two weeks to prevent the spread of covid-19 virus. All lockdown restrictions were in effect from 6 am 29th April to 13th May 2021. It was announced by Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Mr. Parbat Gurung, through a press briefing. Health experts believe that the rapid rise of virus cases in Nepal has emerged out of Nepal’s immediate neighbor India. Nepal has made quarantine mandatory for everyone entering Nepal. Last month only, the Nepal government enforced new travel rules removing the quarantine at Nepal for foreign tourists to boost arrivals during the spring season. The Spring season is the mountaineering season in Nepal which is the only time foreigners are allowed to climb the 8,848.86-metre tall Mt Everest.

New lockdown update in Nepal has been extended by 15 days–up to May 27. Initially it was until May 13th earlier imposed for one week since April 29. A meeting of the three chief district officers of the Kathmandu valley decided to extend it by 15 days to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection. During the new update of lockdown in Nepal all markets, shops, schools, colleges, offices etc. shall be closed. Though the lockdown is eased during the morning time up until 9 am every day for the people to buy daily needs/groceries. Additionally, lockdown update in Nepal will stop construction works also except those for national pride projects. New lockdown rules in Nepal also allow weddings and other gatherings with limited to 10 people only, that too at a home, as other party venues will remain closed.

But covid recovery rate in Nepal is also high with almost more than half of the confirmed cases already being recovered at present times.

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