Mardi Himal Trek in June and July

The Mardi Himal Trek in June and July can be a unique experience due to the monsoon season in Nepal. The weather during this time can be unpredictable, with heavy rainfall, cloudy weather, and high humidity. However, trekking during the monsoon season can also have its own advantages, such as lush green vegetation, gushing waterfalls, and fewer crowds.

In June and July, the Trekking to Mardi Himal base camp can be a bit more challenging due to the wet and slippery trail conditions. You should be prepared for rain and carry waterproof gear such as a rain jacket, rain pants, and a waterproof backpack cover. Trekking poles can also be helpful to maintain balance and stability on the slippery terrain.

In addition, the monsoon season can increase the risk of landslides in the area. It is important to follow the instructions of your guide and stay alert while trekking. In some cases, the trail may be temporarily closed or rerouted to avoid hazardous areas.

On the positive side, the monsoon season brings a refreshing atmosphere with its greenery and waterfalls. The forests and meadows are filled with blooming flowers and the sound of flowing water. The view of the Annapurna range can be obscured by clouds, but when the weather clears, the mountains can be seen with their freshly snow-capped peaks.

It is also advisable to be flexible with your itinerary during the monsoon season, as weather conditions can change quickly. Your guide may suggest alternative routes or adjust the pace of your trek to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Overall, the Mardi Himal Trek in June and July can be a unique and memorable experience for those who are prepared for the challenges and appreciate the beauty of nature in the rainy season.

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