Nepal is safe from Corona Virus

Nepal is a beautiful land contoured with snow-capped mountains and breathtaking landscapes. It is situated between the borders of India (south, east, and west) and China(north). With diversity in culture and tremendous adventures, Nepal is also known for its great potential in the tourism industry. From the “Land of Himalayas”, “Land of Mount Everest” to the “Land of Living Goddess- Kumari”, Nepal sure is a treasure to be found. With tremendous efforts made in the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign for the overall success, there has been a hit in Nepals tourism sector because of the Novel Coronavirus.

In January 2020, with an extensive outbreak of highly infectious disease – Corona Virus in the neighboring country(China) has raised a question among travelers to Nepal. There have been confirmed coronavirus cases of 60,000 in at least 27 countries. Being closely linked to the borders of China, travelers all around the world preparing to visit Nepal have questioned is Nepal safe from Corona Virus?

Despite the emerging outbreaks till this date, if you are planning to visit Nepal but are anxious about the Corona Virus disease then you should not retain yourself back from the adventures. Nepal has not observed the effect of the Corona Virus infection. People may think of Coronavirus as a huge threat in Nepal as the WHO(World Health Organization) warns Nepal from the virus. However, the Government of Nepal is closely monitoring the situations to stop coronavirus from entering the nation. With the immediate actions and medical assistance by the government and private medical sector of Nepal, we can say Nepal is safe!

Nepals Government has halted the trading of goods from China. On 28th January, the Rasuwagadi border which is the major trade point between the countries had been closed down. From suspending the flights from China to Nepal, the government has also set up a health desk for intensive health screening at Tribhuvan International Airport(TIA) and border checkpoints.

On 17th January, there had been a 32-year-old Nepali citizen who was back from Wuhan suspected of having Corona Virus infection. But with continuous monitoring and timely medication, he is now stated to be normal.

Travelers can have an uninterrupted travel experience of trekking, sightseeing, cultural tours, adventure tours and many more with proper care and precautions. Travelers can safely visit Nepal by following up general hygienic measures:-

1. Wash your hands with soap and water as often as possible.
2. Maintain social distancing from people who are coughing, sneezing or have a fever or try wearing a mask.
3. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
4. Seek medical care if you have a fever or difficulty in breathing.
5. Avoid intake of raw and undercooked animal products.

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