Nepal on the number one spot on top ten list of the countries to visit this year

Nepal has been placed at the number one spot in the list of 10 countries to visit this year by UK-based Rough Guides, one of the leading travel publishers in the world. One of the leading travel publishers in the world, UK based Rough Guides, have put Nepal on number one spot on the list of 10 countries to visit this year. Rough Guides said “With varied landscapes — from the Himalayas to jungles inhabited by tigers, elephants and rhinos — Nepal should be your first choice for travel in 2016,” revealing its top holiday destinations for this year on its website. The travel publisher has further added that even after a series of disastrous earthquakes and aftershocks, the tourism industry of Nepal rising up again and though the country’s people from hundreds to thousands are homeless and everyday life is not fully back to normal, the country’s historical landmarks are slowly being restored. Likewise trekking routes are also reopening. The other countries on the list are Colombia, Cuba, Jordan, Albania, Romania, El Salvador, Wales, Kenya and Sri Lanka, in that order.

Previously another UK-based popular travel publication National Geographic Traveller had placed Nepal in the sixth position among 16 cool locations to visit in 2016. National Geographic Traveller magazine had written that up to 85 percent tourist numbers dropped down due to the devastating earthquake but the county is opening up for business and safe to travel. It’s a fact that what Nepal need to get past this situation and to rebuild for the future is tourism industry.

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