Nepal open to tourism from 17th October with an online tourist visa for Nepal

When will Nepal open for tourism?
Ministry of Tourism has announced that all foreign travelers will be allowed to travel to Nepal from 17th October. The Ministry has arranged an online visa for those entering Nepal via flight where they can apply for the Nepal visa through online tourist visa application for Nepal. The online visa is applicable only to those arriving by air. So 17th October onwards, Nepal open for trekking as well. Also, travelers need to stay for mandatory seven days quarantine upon arrival. This was also applied to the recent Bahraini royal family members Mt. Lobuche and Mt. Manaslu expedition team which arrived in Nepal on 16th September. Travelers will be allowed to travel after the test on the 5th day with a report coming on the 6th day.

Nepal Association of Travel and Tours stated that bookings from Europe to travel to Nepal are already coming which were booked for the last season but canceled due to Covid-19 in Nepal. The association is also planning for a group visa for travelers arriving by air. As per the arrangement, the traveling process will move forward with co-ordination from the client’s travel agent abroad and travel agent in Nepal both. PCR test will be compulsory for travelers arriving with a group visa so that they won’t have to stay for seven days quarantine in Nepal upon arrival though they need to stay for three days in a hotel to make all the travel arrangements.

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