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Nepali Cuisine

Dal Bhaat Tarkari
Dal Bhaat Tarkari is the everyday meal of Nepali people. Dal is soup of lentils, Bhaat is the steamed or boiled rice and Tarkari is seasonable curry. Bhaat is served along with the dal and tarkari also pickle and yogurt can also be added with it.

Momo are dumplings which are filled with steamed vegetables or meat and accompanied by spicy dipping sauce. Momo is considered as a popular snack in Nepal.

Dhido and Gundruk
Dhido is a thick porridge or mush, made by cooking cornmeal, millet flour or buckwheat flour with salt and water. Dhido is sugar free and healthy meal and is served with gundruk (dried and fermented vegetable) or with gravy meat of chicken, goat or pork cooked by adding spices.

Yomari is a Newari dumpling of rice flour which is filled with mixtures of molasses and sesame seeds. It is sweet dish steamed in a pot called potasi and the fillings can be substitute by lentil paste or milk solids called Khuwa.

Chatamari, the Newari dish is a pancake made up of rice flour and can be topped with eggs, meats or vegetables.

Ju Ju Dhau
Ju Ju Dhau is the most famous type of Nepali yogurt from the city of Bhaktapur. Juju dhau means king yogurt in Nepal Bhasa.

Kheer is a rice pudding which is a sweet dish prepared by adding rice, dried fruits, cinnamon powder and cardamom powder to the boiling milk.

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