New height of Mount Everest

The new height of Mount Everest in meters is now 8,848.86 meters. This is just 0.86 (2 feet) meters higher than it had been the previous height of Mount Everest. The new height of Mount Everest in feet is 29,032 feet. This has been announced on 8th December 2020 in collaboration with Nepal and neighboring country China. Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world list. It is located in the Northern Nepal-China border region of Nepal. Nepali name for Mt. Everest is Sagarmatha and Tibetan name for Mt. Everest is Chomolungma. Mt. Everest climb is the dream of climbers around the world. Mt Everest climbing season is spring (Mar/Apr/May) as the weather will be warmer and days longer during the spring season. Everest base camp trek itinerary is one of the most sought out treks in the world where the trekkers go to the base camp of Mt. Everest.

The previous official height of Mt. Everest in meters was 8848 meters. This survey was done by an Indian surveyor in the early 1950s. Formerly height of Mt. Everest was measured by Indian, European and American Surveyors on different dates. China also previously conducted a height measurement about two times. The height was 8,848.13 meters in 1975 and 8,844.43 meters in 2005 and the snow layers were about 3.5 meters deep. It was believed that the Nepal earthquake of 2015 has changed the height of Mount Everest above sea level. The re-measurement of Everest was under planning by Nepal, subsequently, Chinese President Xi Jinping Nepal’s visit in October 2019 changed the plan and both countries agreed to announce the height jointly. Nepal’s surveyor’s team was sent to the top of the peak in 2019 whereas the Chinese sent their team in early 2020. Nepali side completed the measurement task about a year back however Nepali team was awaiting the completion of the measurement by the Chinese side for the final announcement. As soon as the Chinese team completed the Everest measurement, the new finding was shared. The results after examining the respective data arrived to be similar. Sea-level was taken for the mean base of the measurement of the Mt. Everest height. Nepal took the level of Bay of Bengal as a mean base whereas China’s mean base was the eastern province of Shandong. A trigonometric formula was applied by both teams from Nepal and China. They also used Global Navigation Satellite to get height data from numbers of receivers in the calculations.

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