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Our Team

The people who work for Breakfree Adventures Pvt. Ltd. have a great deal of experience in the Himalayas. We are an experienced and dedicated team who share the goals and objectives of the company and have a common aim to help you, the traveler, make the most of your time in Nepal. We are proud of Nepal and want to share it with you. We are familiar with every destination trip that Breakfree Adventures offers and we provide highly efficient and professional service to make your trip a once in a lifetime experience.  We offer the best possible quality and price of service.  We want to be your travel and tour support service.

The Breakfree Adventures team is highly trained in every aspect of tourism provision, from customer service and care to local knowledge and travel. Our guiding team has great experience in trekking, mountain survival, culture and local customs. All our guides speak English and are certified by the government.

Working team of Breakfree Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

  • Bharat Sapkota

    Bharat Sapkota

    Managing Director

    Mr. Bharat Sapkota is the Managing Director of Breakfree Adventures Pvt. Ltd. He has traveled more than two dozen countries promoting his business including United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Singapore etc and learning more about tourism. His travel experiences have taught him valuable lessons within tourism. After familiarizing himself with the international standards of services and facilities in tourism, he opened Breakfree Adventures with the view of providing a similar level of service with reasonable prices for any itinerary in the majestic Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.

    Having trekked numerous times in different heart-touching places of Nepal, as well as holding a valid license as a professional trekking guide, Mr. Sapkota, being well experienced and well reputed, understands the needs of his clients. Moreover, more than anything, he wants people to experience and enjoy the region that holds a special place in his heart, the Himalayas.

    He is also involved in many charity and non-profit organization for social works and currently serving President for Lions Club of Nepal Everest, President for Helping Hands Foundation Nepal, Treasurer for Association for Tourism, General Member of Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (Taan), General Member of Village Tourism Promotion Forum-Nepal, General Member of Thamel Tourism Development Committee etc. 

  • Kabindra Sapkota

    Kabindra Sapkota

    Director - Sales & Marketing

    Mr. Kabindra Sapkota looks after all the sales and marketing section of the company. His dedication towards his job has made the company grow even bigger. Not only stationed at the office, he has also traveled and trekked the far corners of Nepal and to gain more insights about new places that can be promoted as another great tourist destination. He has a keen interest in social works too. His involvement with Breakfree Adventures certainly is an asset to the company.

  • Binayak Kumar Waiba

    Binayak Kumar Waiba

    Correspondence & Product Development Manager

    Mr. Waiba handles correspondence and content writing including the product development of Breakfree Adventures. He has been involved in tourism sector for more the past 10 years and has worked in different adventure travel companies of Nepal in different departments such as correspondence, operation, guest relation. He is also fond of traveling and continues his quest for exploring new routes & trails, be it in the Himalayas or other destinations like Bhutan, Tibet. His contribution with Breakfree Adventures has helped to grow the company even bigger and he is thankful to the company which has given him opportunity to hone his skills.



    Operation Officer

    Mr. KC handles the operational jobs of the company and is a young aspirant who gives his best to run all the operational work smoothly. Also trained to be a trek and tour guide, his dedication towards his job has certainly made it possible for the entire team to perform even better.



    City Tour Guide – German & English

    Mr. Neupane is the senior city guide who has been involved in tourism for more than 20 years. He has a wealth of knowledge and information of history, culture and traditions of Nepal, and also speaks good German and English languages. As our team member, his involvement with the company is an asset.

  • Prem Timelsena

    Prem Timelsena

    City Tour Guide

    With more than 15 year of experience as City Tour Guide, Mr. Timalsina is dedicated and experienced guide around city. He is government-certified city tour guide. He has excellently guided our client and pleased them with his fluency in English and knowledge regarding place, culture and tradition. He is truly one of the best guides around city. Breakfree Adventures is delighted for having him as our city tour guide.



    City Tour Guide Mr. Dhakal, a government-certified city tour guide, is an experienced and reliable guide. He has worked more than 8 years as city tour guide and currently working for us. His experience and knowledge with excellence in English make him one of the best city tour guides. Breakfree Adventures is glad to have him in our team.
  • Puskal Karki

    Puskal Karki

    City Tour Guide - German & English

    Mr. Karki is fluent in English and German language. He is government-certified city tour guide and has been working on this field from more than 7 years. He is enthusiastic and humble guy, who has knowledge and appropriate experience on this field. Currently, he is working with us and guides our clients around city.

  • Ramesh Sapkota

    Ramesh Sapkota

    Senior Trekking Guide

    Mr. Sapkota is one of Breakfree Adventures’ most experienced trekking guides, boasting vast knowledge of every trekking region in Nepal. He is extremely concerned with and interested in conserving the environment of the Himalayan regions. He is a government-certified trekking guide, he was trained by the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management, and he is very interested in the geography, people and culture of the Himalayas. He guides numerous treks, from short treks to long ones, and even treks off the beaten tracks should you be interested in that.

  • Govinda Pathak

    Govinda Pathak

    Senior Trekking Leader

    Mr. Pathak has been working for our company since its establishment. He is capable of providing the finest service, and guarantees clients’ satisfaction. He was trained by the Ministry of Nepal Tourism, has extensive experience in trekking, speaks English very well and really makes the trekking experience extraordinary for everyone. He is enthusiastic about exploring the majestic Himalayas of Nepal, as well as its cultures and traditions. He is also very concerned about preserving nature and the environment. He has admirable guiding and leadership skills and we feel proud to have him as a part of our team. He has successfully completed several important training as listed:

    1. Trekking guide training from the His majesty of tourism and training center of Nepal.
    2. First Aid training and peak climb training from the Nepal mountaineering Association.
    3. Hospitality, guest honor mannered and communicative training from a well recognized tourism promoting institute.
    4. Himalaya’s environmental conservation concept training from the Eco-tourism center of Trekking Association of Nepal.

  • Dipak Dhungana

    Dipak Dhungana

    Senior Trekking Guide

    He is a valuable member of our company and his knowledge of the Himalayas is truly admirable. He loves sharing his acquired knowledge with the guests, and guiding them through the Himalayan regions that he knows like the back of his hand. He is an intelligent, polite and sociable person. We are really proud to have such an incredible guide at Breakfree Adventures.

  • Krishna Hari Sapkota

    Krishna Hari Sapkota

    Trekking Guide

    Krishna Hari Sapkota is a great companion to trek with and an experienced trek guide. He has been trekking in the Nepal Himalayas from the past 10 years and has been to most of the popular trekking regions like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang including the remote areas like Upper Mustang and Manaslu. Recognized as the government licensed trek guide and with good English speaking, he will make your trek a success and with his helpful nature will take care of your needs during trek. We welcome him in our adventure team!



    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Thapa, the residence of Solu Khumbu- Everest region, is humble, friendly and very helpful person. Being in the trekking sector for the last 10 years, he has a massive wealth of experiences. Trekked in almost all parts of the country like Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang, Mustang, Dolpo, Kanchenjunga, he goes beyond the call of duty. We take pride to have him in our team.

  • Tanka Khakural

    Tanka Khakural

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Khakural, born in Dhading district of Nepal, is friendly, polite and extremely helpful person. He has been working with us since the founding of our company. He is an outstanding trekking guide. He has obtained government license and has 12 years of experience as climbing and trekking guide. Blessed with extensive knowledge of the Himalayan peaks, estimable experience in the Himalayan region, as well as expertise in mountain first-aid, Mr. Khakural is fluent in English as well as French. He is an expertise guide in many routes of trekking in Nepal, such as Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Mustang, Manaslu etc. He is an accomplished trekking instructor and an incredibly valued member of our team

  • Shree Krishna Sapkota

    Shree Krishna Sapkota

    Assistance Trekking Guide

    Mr. Sapkota, who started working as porter in Breakfree Adventures, is now an assistance guide. He is basically from Dhading district of Nepal. He has more than 7 years experience on this field and has learned and earned the knowledge of all routes. His politeness and friendly behavior makes him a valuable member of Breakfree Adventures. 

  • Bikram Rai

    Bikram Rai

    Trekking Guide

    Bikram Rai, a gentle and friendly person, is a trekking guide working currently with us. His experience in tourism field for more than 12 years makes him an experienced and skillful guide. He has attained government license as trekking guide and has been to all major routes of Mt. Everest, Mt. Annapurna, Mustang, Manasalu etc. His helpful nature and enthusiastic passion for trekking makes him as best trekking guide. Breakfree Adventures is gratified for having him as our member.

  • Ram Gurung

    Ram Gurung

    Trekking Guide

    He is a valuable member of our company and his knowledge of the Himalayas is truly admirable. He loves sharing his acquired knowledge with the guests, and guiding them through the Himalayan regions that he knows like the back of his hand. He is an intelligent, polite and sociable person. We are really proud to have such an incredible guide at Breakfree Adventures.

  • Dawa Sherpa

    Dawa Sherpa

    Assistance Trekking Guide

    He was born and raised in Solukhumbu district of Nepal. Being born and brought up in the district where Mt. Everest is situated, Mr. Sherpa has great devotion for climbing and adventure. He has gained more than 7 years experience while working as camping helper and trek potter and currently working as assistance guide for Breakfree Adventures. Being fluent in English, Mr. Sherpa is polite and friendly person. We are honored to have him as our member.

  • Kuber Khanal

    Kuber Khanal

    Trekking Porter

    Mr. Khanal has more than 3 years experience as trekking porter while trekking in to the tracks of Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang etc. His courteous and gentle nature makes him as one of our best team member. Breakfree Adventures is honored to have him as our member.

  • Lhakpa Sherpa

    Lhakpa Sherpa

    Trekking & Climbing Guide

    Mr. Sherpa is a cheerful young man who was born in the Everest region of Nepal, he called his home is Everest. He has started his carrier as a trekking porter while he was 13 and now he is trekking and climbing guide of Breakfree Adventures. As he is from the Everest region, he knows each and every trail in the region and he has successfully leaded the group to all the trails as well as some peak such as Mera Peak, Island Peak, Lobuche peak etc. His good knowledge in the area makes people happier as he is the local in the Everest region.

  • Toran Sunuwar

    Toran Sunuwar

    Trekking Guide

    He is a valuable member of our company and his knowledge of the Himalayas is truly admirable. He loves sharing his acquired knowledge with the guests, and guiding them through the Himalayan regions that he knows like the back of his hand. He also serves as cycling guide.  He is an intelligent, polite and sociable person. We are really proud to have such an incredible guide at Breakfree Adventures.

  • Ananta Khanal

    Ananta Khanal

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Khanal has started as a porter after completing his SLC and has more than 5 years experience on trekking field by working 3 years as porter and 2 years as assistance guide. He has recently obtained government license as trekking guide. Born on Gorkha district of Nepal, Mr. Khanal has proved himself as true trekking guide by his experience of being porter and assistance guide in all major routes of Nepal. He is a humble and polite person and Breakfree Adventures is really pleased to have him as our team member. 

  • Nabin Magar

    Nabin Magar

    Assistance Guide/Porter

    Nabin Magar, working as trekking porter in Breakfree Adventures, has more than six years experience on this field. He has been to the tracks of Annapurna, Everest, Langtang etc. and has proved himself as a best porter by his social, intelligent nature. We are glad to have him in our team.

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