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Bruno W


Visited Nov 2011

This was my second trek in Nepal. I knew my guide Ramesh Duwadi from two years ago, as well as Bharat Sapkota who now manages Breakfree Adventure Travel. From planning all the details through online chats and e-mails, I could not have asked for better or more responsive service.

I started the trek with my friend Dennis who, unfortunately, had to drop out after 6 days of struggling with sleeplessness caused by altitude sicknes. We took him to the hospital in Lukla. Bharat was able to get him on a flight to Kathmandu and on to the U.S. the same day. For the rest of the trip, Ramesh and our porter Suria continued to do everything possible to make my experience unforgettably beautiful. Suria always had a welcoming smile when we talked, particularly when I struggled up the infamous Chola Pass. When I had to change the itinerary because bronchitis prevented my from going to Gorak Shep, Ramesh helped me by carrying my day pack for the rest of the trip. When we got to Lukla, hoping to fly out, we got stuck for 7 days because of dense fog. Ramesh made sure I lacked no comfort available.

I wish Bharat, Ramesh and Suria all the best and am grateful for all the excellent service and support I received. I also wish Bharat a lifetime of happiness with his bride. They will be married at the end of the month.

Bruno Walker
Oakton, VA – USA

Tim M


Visited Nov 2011

We did a private trek of the Annapurna circuit with Breakfree Adventures. Our guide was friendly, helpful and showed us parts of Nepal that I will always remember. In Kathmandu, the level of service from Bharat and the crew was fantastic, always making sure that we were never left wondering what was happening next without the feeling that we were on a package holiday.

If you are planning to go trekking in Nepal my recommendation would be book directly with Breakfree Adventures and get a private guide and porter. The smaller group allows you to interact with the Nepalese more readily and I found that it was easier and cheaper than booking through an Australian company.



Visited Oct 2011

Excellent service from the first question of interest to the report of results after the end of service

Bharat, the owner of the agency was everytime very competant, friendly, and attanded all questions inmediately. All services promised were held at its best. I can truely recommend this travel agency!

Merlyn C


Visited Sep 2011

Bharat – wow it was a life time experience in Nepal. It took offf with a good start while corresponding from Dubai with you. The entire staff handled every detail and requests with real professionalism, warmth and confidence. You guys were so accommodating in every step of the way. The guides were excellent – while in Chitwan too – not only tthe guide we were appointed but the other guides too were very friendly and warm. We had a lovely stay and wished we had a couple of days extra – yes it was too short. Infact I told all of them there, that I will return only to spend time with you guys. You all did a great job and made our stay even more enjoyable. I have already spread the word around here in Dubai among my friends and they will contact you if they decide to make a trip to Nepal.

The trip to Chitwan was great – the food simple and excellent and tasty and the safari too was good. Bravo Great Job.



Visited Sep 2011

Breakfree Adventures organised our trip including the travel, stay and sightseeing from Kathmandu thru Chitwan on to Pokhara. Excellent service and great follow up at every step. The changes to the original plan was handled easily making the entire travel very easy. Great Job.



Visited Jun 2011

Kathmandu is an amazing place, with all its temples, stupas, worshippers , traffic, shops spilling on to the narrow roads in the Thamel district. The friendly Nepalese to help you when you get lost, and you will, the history of it all and the peaceful way so many faiths co-exist is a lesson to the world. But although the guide books tell you to haggle on prices, do you really want to bearing in mind their standard of living compared to yours? A yak wool shawl that takes one person 10 days to make- how much should you pay for it, how much would you want to be paid for 10 days work? Strongly advise going vegetarian and beware lassi a yogurt drink( i may have got Salmonella from it, or other food at a banquet) Use a city guide to explain the customs and get the most out of a days visit,& they expect a good tip. Fog stops flights frequently though so leave some flexibility in your return flight home ! Kantipur Temple House is a great place to stay, beautiful architecture, good food and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility which is great after the noise and explosion of sounds, smells and sights which bombard the senses. A lovely place to chill out and refresh the soul.



Visited Jan 2011

When we spend our holidays to Nepal, we use this company. This guy is so cool. They have the best guidance, they used the best hotel in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. We really want to go back again soon elephant riding with these guys.


Schöne Ausflüge

Visited Jun 2011

Während meines selbstorganisierten Urlaubes im März 2011 in Kathmandu hat mich Herr Sapkota (Inhaber Breakfree dventures Day Trips) bei 2 Ausflügen begleitet, und diese organisiert. Es war jeweils ein 1/2 Tages-Ausflug, ausgehend von Kathmandu.

Zum Einen hat er mit mir den “Schlafenden”Vishnu (Vishnu von Budhanilkantha )besucht und an einem anderen Tag das “Kopan Monastery”(nördlich von Bodnath).

Herr Sapkota spricht sehr gut englisch. Er ist sehr freundlich, zuivorkommend, flexibel und hilfsbereit. Er organisierte jeweils ein Taxi und führte die Preisverhandlungen.

Die Auflüge waren kostengünstig und sehr individuell, auf meine Wünsche abgestimmt.

Ein unvergessliches Erlebnis, auch geprägt von der Aufgeschlossenheit und Freundlichkeit der Menschen (so auch Herr Sapkota).

Vielen dank an Breakfree Adventures, Hr Bharat Sapkota.



Visited Jun 2011

First of all, id like to say thank you with our guide who staff in this company (Mr. Bharat). Theyre very nice and give us more information about culture, place that we went . Normally Id like to go somewhere that I search in internet but they provided more place, more information and the place that he took us to went their very interesting and nice. So Cool!

Last but not least, Id like to visit Nepal again at the end of this year. Ill book their service again…

Nepal is very nice, thanks God!!



Visited Jun 2011

Namaste! Our whistle stop tour of Nepal was amazing. From the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu along with a cultural evening, to the peace and tranquility of trekking to Sarangkot. From sightseeing in Pokhara to elephant riding at Chitwan and finally the fantastic views while flying over Everest. Our 7 day adventure was brilliant! We could not possibly have seen so much without the help of Bharat from Break Free Travel who organised everything.

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