Safety & Security tips for trek in Nepal

Nepal is a safe country to trek provided the basic rules are observed. When with trekking agency most contingencies are handled by agency staff. However, one could get lost or hurt and have no one to ask for help when trekking alone. Therefore, trekkers should trek with registered agencies. The best way to avoid risk while trekking is through thorough planning, playing by the rules and realizing human limitations. In case of misfortune, a short detailed message should be dispatched to a reliable organization or individual immediately for rescue operation. If communication facilities are unavailable, normal first aid principles should be followed till help arrives.

Some of the safety rules to abide by are:

  • Do not trek alone (Hire guide/porter from registered agency)
  • Do not make a display of wealth.
  • Keep belongings secure and within sight.
  • Make arrangements for handling emergency situations before hand.
  • Register personal information and trekking plan details with respective embassies.
  • Provide contact details of the trekking agency you are using to your family before leaving the country.
  • Buy travel insurance policy that covers emergency evacuation including helicopter rescue cost. Leave a copy of details with an agency in Kathmandu.
  • Choose only authorized government registered trekking agencies.

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