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Solo Traveler

Youll see many foreigners in Nepal traveling alone and this should come as no surprise. Since tourism is the staple of the Nepalese economy, individuals of all walks of life are welcomed graciously.

Though solo travelers have little to worry about in the urban districts of Nepal, it is advisable to have a guide or liaison in the outer regions that speaks fluent English and Nepali. One reason that we recommend a guide is strictly for comfort. Traveling with a native Nepali speaker significantly reduces the likely hood of scam artists and thieves targeting travels. Travelers have also noted that they do not get the notorious tourist prices on food and other purchases. Many shopkeepers will charge up to three times the normal price of items to those who travel without a native Nepali speaker.

Similarly, on treks it is highly advised that travelers go with at least one guide. Even the most experience travelers know the importance of having a helpful guide along the trail. Not only are guides important for safety, but often our clients have often remarked that the friendships formed with guides along the trails have been among the most meaningful experiences theyve had throughout their journey.

A benefit of traveling individually is that single travelers have room for much more spontaneous decision making. In fact, a larger percentage of the travelers you will see in the urban districts are not in groups and that attests to the individual and independent nature of the people that come to this beautiful land. Most of those who wish to do volunteerism in schools and orphanages come as single travelers but are surprised to find that their social schedule is soon filled. Breakfree Adventures Pvt. Ltd. is experienced in providing individuals interested in doing volunteer work the opportunities to become involved in the community.

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