Kathmandu is an amazing place, with all its temples, stupas, worshippers , traffic, shops spilling on to the narrow roads in the Thamel district. The friendly Nepalese to help you when you get lost, and you will, the history of it all and the peaceful way so many faiths co-exist is a lesson to the world. But although the guide books tell you to haggle on prices, do you really want to bearing in mind their standard of living compared to yours? A yak wool shawl that takes one person 10 days to make- how much should you pay for it, how much would you want to be paid for 10 days work? Strongly advise going vegetarian and beware lassi a yogurt drink( i may have got Salmonella from it, or other food at a banquet) Use a city guide to explain the customs and get the most out of a days visit,& they expect a good tip. Fog stops flights frequently though so leave some flexibility in your return flight home ! Kantipur Temple House is a great place to stay, beautiful architecture, good food and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility which is great after the noise and explosion of sounds, smells and sights which bombard the senses. A lovely place to chill out and refresh the soul.

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