Colin Yoon-seung

Breakfree Adventures will provide an unforgettable experience in Bhutan.

Just got back from the tour today. Bharat, who will be arranging your schedule and other procedures ahead of the trip, will provide all necessary help, and respond quickly to your questions. Upon the arrival and until the departure, the local guides will also make the best efforts to guarantee a satisfactory stay. Hotels are just “okay,” but you will at least find no problems. Foods are also good, if you are comfortable with Asian foods.

Above all, the guide is very well informed with the history of Bhutan, and provides clear and easy explanations whenever you visit historical sites. Unlike other tour packages in other countries (based on my experience), they will not take you to shops where they will induce you to buy pricey handicrafts. The entire schedule is focused on your satisfaction. The guide will also modify the schedule upon your last-minute request. For me, instead of visiting more temples, the guide allowed me to have a tea with a lama, and we exchanged various conversations on life, religion, and everything. An unforgettable experience!

I know 250 USD a day may seem expensive, it is definitely worth it. There are many Bhutan-related tourism agencies out there, and there could be better ones. But if you do not want to waste time choosing a travel agency, I can tell you things cannot go wrong if you choose to travel with Breakfree Adventures. Travelling to Bhutan may be complicated, but things get a lot easier when travelling with the agency.

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