Bharat arranged an excellent tour which covered Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Chitwan, and Pokhara. The guides worked very hard to allow us to have space and at the same time provide any level of explanation which we desired concerning many varied and exotic topics. Where do you start to describe the adventure? My wife and I flew over the Himalayas and got to enter the cockpit where I actually stood when the plane turned towards Mt. Everest. It was spectacular. Unfortunately if you come to Nepal in late May or beyond, the Monsoon is just around the corner and we were denied ground level views of Everest from Nagarkot. Chitwan was great. We saw 10 rare one horned rhinos. One even charged our jeep but was driven off by a very brave tour guide. We saw a sloth bear that was digging into a termite hill and a variety of crocodiles in the streams. There were more bird species than one could count. Our guide in Chitwan, Hari, was the best that anyone could imagine. He arranged a very special tour on elephant back, so we could leave the noisy tourists and get a very intimate look at the jungle. In Pokhara we were again denied a very good view of the Annapurna Range, but things cleared up enough one evening to get a very good impression of just how majestic these mountains are. Amazing! I could go on and on. Please look to the pictures I posted and from others. They are indicative of what you have to look forward to. I would very much recommend Breakfree to anyone who would visit Nepal. They will take care of the details and ensure that you receive the level of service that you pay for.

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