foong kiew

Pretty last minutes(a week before departure) booking to Nepal via Breakfree through Bharat turned out to be one of the best tour ever! The booking process took less than few hours because Bharat know exactly what itinerary Im looking for and arranged accordingly, in a very reasonable price(cost breakdown has been attached). I must say his efficiency is very impressing! Despite the itinerary need to be changed after I arrived in Kathmandu due to some cancellations from Last Resort(for Bungy Rafting), Bharat still manage to rearrange a whole new itinerary(for different dates) which include all the activities I requested before, plus an extra tour to Pokhara. The necessary changed of transportation mean from tourist bus to private car(due to time constraint) to access Pokhara, Chitwan and Last resort just cost me a little extra, definitely a great favor from Bharat. Other extra touch including the motorbike tour to Nagarkot and Bhaktapur, and truly shows the hospitality of Nepali!

Accommodations arranged in the tour were all in very good locations and I was really well taking care of (I travel solo). Literally, you just need to book the tour, fly to nepal and simply enjoy the wonderful time!

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