Oliver Dunn

Was traveling with a friend through India and Nepal, my one “must do” in Nepal was to see Mount Everest. Didn’t have enough time to do the trek and the flight around the Himalayas seemed lame. We found the option to have a freaking helicopter take us up into the Himalayas and we jumped at the opportunity. Granted it is not cheap, but after traveling for 7 months, that is still my best memory and one that I’ve told countless times to others. We took off from Kathmandu, came up through the clouds and were speechless at the view of the Himalayas. We then got a fantastic view of the the big one, Mount Everest, with the classic wisp of clouds at its peak. After landing at a Sherpa basecamp to “de fuel” so we could get higher, we then got another, closer view of the storied mountain, along with some of the other massive mountains that pail in comparison. For anyone who wants a lifetime story to share, Do this Helicopter tour of Mount Everest!! You won’t regret it.

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