Pat Smith

Dear Bharat,

It is time that I wrote to thank you for everything you did to ensure the success of my trek, I realise now that a 25 day trek was a huge undertaking but it was one of the best experiences of my life. The choice of guide and porter was vital and Ram, the guide, was outstanding. His English was first-rate and he was excellent at making sure that I was having a good time. He encouraged me when needed and left me alone at other times. He was full of useful information and I soon realised that his judgement was always good. When he suggested that we stop to have lunch, it meant that we needed a rest before tackling something or other! Several other trekkers commented on how efficient and thoughtful he was and I noticed that many people asked him for advice or information, rather than their own guides. Many trekkers were unhappy with their guides so I was delighted that Ram was so helpful, informative and supportive.

Nurbu, the porter, was amazing; at times I lost sight of him and wondered where he was – only to discover that he had taken a short-cut and was way ahead of us. He was always helpful and light-of-heart; he managed my rucsac with no problems.

Your organisation was excellent, as well. I didnt believe it when you appeared with my permit for Mustang in Muktinath; you had promised to get it to me but I didnt realise, even then, what a long and hard journey it was to reach a place so far from Kathmandu. You seemed to enjoy it, too!

Please feel free to use what I have written as a recommendation. As a 60 year old lady, this trek could have been impossible; it was totally due to your organisation and your choice of people that I completed it and enjoyed every day. It was often tough but I never doubted that I would complete the trek.

I will try to send you some photos but I am not sure how fast the connection it. I will wend them separately.


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