Pris Leong

Namaste from Singapore to Bharat,

Thank you for excellent service and choosing Mr Govinda as my wonderful local guide for mountain trekking. Mr Govinda is very patient and friendly. He took care of me very well on trek. I enjoyed this wonderful mountain trekking with him. Both of you are most willing to communicate with me through paper and pen as I cannot hear very well. Its most blessing moment that I become as your friends as well.

I am really very happy that you have found me a beautiful deaf family homestay in small village at a mountain. I really learnt a lot of things especially deaf education and culture. I was totally very touched by their kindness and love. And Overall of my two weeks Solo trip, I really enjoyed spending my time in Nepal, collecting all good and great memories.

Therefore, please continue to keep your excellent services to all people who approach you for their planned trip to Nepal in near future.

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