The five-month blockade at the India-Nepal border called off from the Madhesis

The India-Nepal border blockade that was going as nearly as for five month was now called off by the agitating Madhesis party. This has certainly brought much relief to the entire nation during when citizens were suffering from severe shortages of things of basic needs like fuel, medicines and other supplies. Though the new constitution was issued, the Madhesis parties were not happy and protesting against it. But now they have issued a statement saying that they have dropped their ongoing protest programs of general strike and border blockade but the agitation will continue till their demands are addressed and carry on with other protest programs like rally and people’s vote collection campaign in the district headquarters. Madhesis parties have opposed against the new constitution that divides their ancestral homeland under the seven-province structure and were blocking the key border trade points with India. This agitation has claimed at least 55 lives and Madhesis’s demands were demarcation of provinces, fixing of electoral constituencies on the basis of population and proportional representation. Since the protesters had blocked the main trade points between India and Nepal, Kathmandu including the entire nation has witnessed huge shortage of essential supplies that includes fuel and medicines. Kathmandu was accusing New Delhi of imposing an ‘unofficial blockade’ but India were saying they have not imposed such blockade and the restriction was only the result of security concerns due to the Madhesis protesting against the new constitution in the Terai region of the Nepal-India border. But now the blocked has been lifted off, the country is slowly getting back to normal but will take little more time to fully be back in the normal phase since the blockade has left the system idle.

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