Training for Everest Base Camp Trek

The very first question trekkers ask us regarding the Everest Base Camp Trek is “How fit should I be?” or “Is there some sort of training required to complete the Trek?” And why shouldn’t they as the trek to the Everest Base Camp with an elevation of 5360 meter above the sea level is certainly one of the challenging trek which requires proper mental and physical health conditions.
Although there is no fixed approach for training as it depends on trekkers and the environment they are accustomed to. Some may easily get adapted to the higher altitude while some may take time to acclimatize. However here are some training guidelines which will certainly make your trek more comfortable and fun, help in acclimatizing better.

Physical Fitness
The first and foremost requirement for the Everest Base Camp Trekking is the physical fitness and health. Since you will be trekking in the high altitude, your health should be in the proper state so we recommend you to consult with your physician before planning for the trek.

Mental Preparation
Upon receiving approval from your physician now it’s time to be mentally prepared for a challenging trek. Mental preparations plays a vital role for a successful trek as once you are mentally prepared, stamina flows through your body and nothing seems impossible in your mind!!!!

Get your trekking gears as soon as possible
If incase you are thinking to buy new gears then it is better to purchase your trekking gears as soon as possible as you are supposed to train with the same gear which you will be using during the trek to the Everest Base Camp. Wear your boots and pack your bag with certain weight and then hike to some local trail or hike through your town or just walk. This practice benefits you to know whether you are comfortable with your boots and the weights of your bag, and in other hand you will get used to walk and learn where your body struggles and how far can you push yourself.

Spare some time on the Cardiovascular Training
Any type of cardiovascular exercise is good training for Everest Base Camp. You will spent 5-6 hours a day walking in the hills with a weighted pack and a few liters of water along with some tough up hills so the more you train, the more you feel used to trekking/walking.

Running, rowing, cycling, swimming, and walking up hills are all a great ways to build your endurance. Wear your packed day-pack while you train yourself as this will get your shoulders adjusted to weight and feeling of carrying the additional weight.

Strength Training
It is a good alternative for those who are unable to do practical hikes. You’ll be trekking and gaining elevation for several hours each day, so help your legs get ready by doing some strength training early. Treadmill and stair machine are good choices for the strength training but if these facilities aren’t available then you can run on running track in park.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

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