When to travel Bhutan?
The Best time to travel to Bhutan is from March to May and September to November. These are the best tourist season in Bhutan. March to May is spring in Bhutan during when weather will be clear and valleys with blooming flowers which gives a breathtaking landscape. One can witness one of the important and colorful festivals during Spring ‘Paro Tschechu ‘. It is celebrated at Paro in Paro Rinpung Dong in April.

September to November is another peak tourist season in Bhutan. The temperature will be pleasant with spectacular Himalayan views. It’s also the ideal months for trekking in Bhutan. The days will be warmer but mornings and nights colder. In October valleys in Bhutan turn into a shade of gold when farmers will be preparing for harvest. It’s also time for another Bhutan popular festival ‘Thimphu Tschechu and Black Neck Crane festival.

December to February is winter in Bhutan. These are the coldest months and few travelers dare to visit Bhutan. Trekking trails can be covered with snow and temperature may go down even below freezing point in some winter days. June to August is the summer and also the monsoon season in Bhutan. It’s not good for trekking during monsoon but sightseeing can be done since it may rain only during nighttime but you need to be prepared with rain gear.