Though Nepal can be visited round the year; the best time to visit Nepal is autumn (Oct-Dec) and spring (March-April) These seasons are considered the prime tourist seasons when travelers from around the world visit Nepal. Since Nepal is the home of the Himalayas, people expect the weather to be chilly all year round but it really does have a varied climate. The fall season of October and November will have sunny days with clear skies, just excellent for trekking. Spring season is at it’s best from March to May when nature will be in full bloom. It’s also another great season for trekking with clear skies. If planning for a trek, Nepal has pleasant weather the entire year with exception of January to December, the winter season but it is also okay if you have enough warm clothing. From mid-June to mid-September is the monsoon season in Nepal when it rains a few hours a day and mostly cloudy.

Spring: March – May
Spring season is another popular tourist season in Nepal. Days will be warm with plenty of sunlight and good mountain views. But nights can be still a bit chilly. Flowers will be in full bloom and you can expect some showers in May leading to monsoon season starting on mid-June.

Summer/Wet season: June – mid September
Since it’s the monsoon season so isn’t a popular tourist season. It can rain 2-3 hours or the entire day and the mountain will be obscured in clouds. So trekking won’t be possible with muddy trails. But one can still go for a trek in the rain-shadow area like Upper Mustang which receives less rainfall than other parts in Nepal.

Fall/High Season: Mid September – November
This is the best time to visit Nepal and also the high tourist season in Nepal. The weather will be at it’s best to go cultural sightseeing or trekking in the high Himalayas. There will be clear skies with great mountain panorama, and with little to no rain.

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