Visa for Bhutan is required for anyone entering Bhutan either by flight overland drive. Bhutan for Indians or from Bangladesh or Maldives isn’t required. Getting a Bhutan visa requires a color copy of a passport which validity must exceed at least six months after exciting Bhutan. A scanned copy of the passport either in jpeg or pdf format can be sent to your travel agent via email. Please remember the picture of the applicant and passport number should be clearly visible. Bhutan visa should be applied at least 10 days before your travel date when your travel agent will apply/process for the Bhutan visa with Bhutan Tourism Bureau ‘TTB’. TTB then issues a visa clearance letter and send it to the travel agent which in turn will be sent to you. TTB issues this letter upon full payment of the tour’s cost, so a full payment of your tour’s cost needs to be sent before your Bhutan arrival. Bhutan visa fee for all nationalities is US$40 per person.

Any individual applying for the Bhutan visa can’t be done and one needs to come through a registered travel agent in Bhutan or it’s appointed agent outside Bhutan. If flying to Bhutan, one needs to show the visa clearance copy during check-in with Druk Air. The same goes for entering Bhutan by overland from border towns with India like Phuentsholing or Samdrup Jongkhar. The actual Bhutan visa will be stamped in your passport at the Paro International Airport or immigration offices at the border towns. Outside representatives from your travel agent will be waiting for you.