Bhutan is only the country in the world which measures its success by GNH, Gross National Happiness, not by GDP, Gross Domestic Product. So there are some basic dos and donts that you should consider while travelling to Bhutan.

– Have a printed VISA clearance copy at the time of check-in for the flight to Bhutan
– Follow the proper dress etiquette. Please make sure your dress code doesnt harm the religious sentiments
– Be courteous to old people and treat then with respect
– Carry enough cash as many business do not accept credit cards
– Respond to the assigned tour guide and follow their instruction
– Do register your expensive personal belongings at customs as you need to show the proof of their existence while exiting the country.

– Avoid tight/skin revealing clothes while visiting religious sites as they might be considered vulgar
– Remove sun caps while visiting temples or Dzongs
– Avoid slangs while visiting religious sites
– Do not feed birds/animals while visiting natural sites
– Do not smoke anywhere you like. Look for the designated smoking zone
– Do not point finger at people or art
– Do follow the traffic rules and regulations.

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