Traveling during covid 19 2021?

Covid 19 has created havoc since the end of 2019. The world has changed completely including the basic lifestyles of people all over the world. At present times, the new normal are hand sanitizers, face masks, social distancing. This is what the novel virus has it’s impact globally. The most impact and hard hit is covid impact on tourism. It’s been seen with series of countries the world over imposing lockdowns, closed borders, banned international flights, and imposed travel restrictions. These are all the right alternatives to avert the virus spread but they are also developing the feeling of loneliness, stress, anxiety, and fear among the public.

Usually, travel is a medium to get away and experience new things but that choice is restricted due to coronavirus travel restrictions. Notwithstanding there is the brighter side too with vaccines being developed swiftly. Still the pandemic hasn’t gone and not in control. People are stressed out locked up in their homes and willing to resume travel again. 

When will it be safe to travel again?
It has now become one’s responsibility to take logical precautions and practical measures since pandemic is spreading throughout the world. The best thing to do in the current scenario is to hold all travels which is the best from a healthy sense of perspective. The covid pandemic situation is now no more in the spreading phase but it has created a catastrophe practically everywhere in the world. Travel plans have been on hold for more than a year which is a long time. It seems the situation might not change anytime soon as per experts.

Should you think of traveling during this pandemic? 
If you are, above all is, by all means, comply with the government rules both in your country and the country you plan to travel to. You should do all your parts to take all the preventive measures in controlling the pandemic. Make safe and responsible travel choices.

Where I can travel during Covid?
The term ‘eligible for travel’ now itself is questionable observing the ongoing situation where COVID has caused huge disorder worldwide. But after more than a year, vaccines have been developed, and have started vaccinating the public rampantly almost all over the world. More than 25% of US citizens have been fully vaccinated as of now In the US alone. For fully vaccinated travelers countries like Tanzania, Thailand, and other European nations are opening their borders. To add it up, numerous countries are opening up for tourism with some requirements like negative PCR test reports and quarantine. However, the important thing here is even if you are vaccinated, you need to take extra precautions. If you have negative PCR test reports, you must take all the safety measures to ensure that the report stays negative.

Travel all along uncertainty
Your travel options are uncertain due to the present Covid situation around the world. Even if you are traveling during Covid 2021 or traveling during Covid after vaccine, the chances are high that your desired destination might not be welcoming travelers. Even if you got lucky and your picked travel destination is welcoming travelers, you can’t be certain as the situation could change drastically overnight. In this situation, look for a more flexible travel option where you get assurances for uncertainties. as a matter of fact, many tour operators are proposing flexible tour packages with free cancellation policies or even change trip dates.

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