Trekking in Nepal on Covid-19 pandemic

Travel to Nepal during covid became possible after the government of Nepal decided to open the country for tourism from 17th October 2020. Trekking in Nepal after coronavirus is slowly taking its pace with the little amount of trekker’s arrival. Nepal was under lockdown for six months with no travel or tourism activities. People were worried about when will Nepal lockdown be over but Nepal lockdown news today is that the lockdown has been lifted off until further notice. During Nepal lockdown, all national and international borders were sealed-off including all flights and land transportation being shut down.

Is Nepal open for trekking?
Yes, where the Nepal government on 15th September decided to allow any foreign trekkers or mountaineers trekking in Nepal after coronavirus. Nepal’s Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has issued new guidelines for foreign tourists to minimize the spread of Covid-19 during mountaineering and trekking activities.

What is open in Nepal now?
From 15th September onwards, basic necessities related things/services including tourism-related activities such as hotels, restaurants, tourist buses from Kathmandu to all the major cities and long-route transportations are opened in Nepal at present times.

How is coronavirus in Nepal?
The government of Nepal ordered a national lockdown after the second case of Covid-19 in March. During this time, all arrival visas for Nepal was suspended abolished all the expeditions for coronavirus pandemic control. Then the nation turned into lockdown for two months and put start the three-phase of restart protocols. The lockdown was lifted off in the less affected areas wherein the first-phase, less affected regions like Kathmandu opened for the essential safety protocols. The government then resumed international and domestic flights from 1sr September 2020 onwards. Trekking and mountaineering in Nepal were opened from 17th October by taking health safety measures. In the meantime, there was a high-profile visit by the Prince of Bahrain in the first week of September to climb Lobuche peak and they successfully climbed the peak on October 15, 2020. It became the first ascend of the mountains in the fall with the Nepal government has resumed mountaineering activities in Covid-19 pandemic. The prince of Bahrain and his team will head for the Manaslu Expedition in the Everest region.

Are domestic flights operating in Nepal? What about land transportation?
Domestic flights are re-opened currently including the long-route transportation and tourist buses to the major cities in Nepal like Pokhara, Chitwan etc. During the land or air transfers, travelers need to follow the safety guidelines by wearing masks, sanitizing hands, maintaining social distance.

Is there any restriction for any nationals in Nepal? Are flights to Nepal open?
Flights to Nepal at the beginning will be only from the countries which has been less affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Nepal government hasn’t simplified which countries would be the first, but more countries will be added gradually. So, this could mean all nationalities are welcome in Nepal but the emphasis is that travelers from low-risk countries can fly into Nepal.

Are there quarantine rules in Nepal? Do I have to stay quarantined in Nepal?
Previously, the Nepal government has imposed seven days quarantine for anyone arriving in Nepal via a flight in Kathmandu. But with pressure from the tourism community saying the seven days quarantine is irrelevant and will only discourage tourist arrival in Nepal, the seven days quarantine in Nepal is waived-off. Now anyone arriving in Kathmandu doesn’t need to stay in quarantine in a hotel and can walk free and proceed for which reason they came Nepal i.e. trekking or mountaineering.

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