Tribhuvan International Airport to open for only 14 hours

Tribhuvan International Airport is to be opened only for 14 hours from 1st April 2019 for the airport runaway maintenance. As per the airport authority, the airport will be closed for 10 hours daily from April onwards. Currently, the airport is in operation for 21 hours and due to poor runway, they are planning to rebuild the runway including carry out other upgrades which is supposed to finish at the end of May. From 1st April, the airport will be open from 8 am till 10 pm and all the domestic/international airlines have been informed of the same. This will directly affect the night and morning flights, and all the concerned airlines have been informed to work out a new schedule. All the Lukla flights which must usually fly in the morning will have alternative of flying from Ramechap to Lukla and vice-versa considering the new spring tourist season of 2019. This decision was made looking into the situation of urgency in poor runway maintenance and un-availability of other international airport in Nepal. China National Aero-technology International Engineering Corporation is handling the job and they have scheduled to finish it in 49 days though the airport authority has offered them 70 days. After the compilation of the runway, the airport will be open for 24 hours.

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