Bungee Jumping in Kathmandu

1 Day


Bungee Jumping in Kathmandu is a trip to Bhote Koshi River where you get to try your hands at the thrilling and heart-pumping entertainment of jumping off at a height of 130 meters to the bottom of the gorge from a suspension bridge over it, known all over as Bungee Jump. The roots of this crazy activity for free-falling under the gravitational forces of the earth, and just land safely before crashing to smithereens all started in the rural part of Indonesia, where village lads use to have their ankles tied to vine ropes and jump off cliffs and tree to water bodies below and being pulled up by friends just before touching the surface.

The excitement this activity caused, caught on with the rest of the world and where it was modified to an elastic strong enough to cause de-acceleration a couple of meters before impact, does getting the name bungee and hence bungee jumping. This exciting and heart-thumping activity happens in one of the deepest river gorges that Nepal has to have over the river Bhote Koshi at a height of 130 meters, just imagine. It is from the top of a steel suspension bridge made especially for crossing this river on foot and this activity by the Swiss among the surreal backdrop of the evergreen mountains on both sides. This place is just a three hour drive away from Kathmandu.

You are weighed and the proper bungee is harnessed to you. You are taken to the jumping off-ramp, a simply given a soft push off. It takes a couple of seconds which might see an eternity, with the thrill that free-falling has, it is an experience which is only second to sky diving. Just a couple of meters before you think, that you will hit the river floor and boulders below, the bungee reigns your fall in and you begin dangling and bouncing a few meters above to the relief of your over-excited mind. You are slowly pulled back to the ramp above or dropped to the banks to hike you way up to get you time to take the experience, all depending on your predilection. There might be other places in the Western World where there places of higher drops, but none as high as this one in a natural environment made in the perimeter of the earth’s natural terrain till date.

When it is all over, you have a hearty lunch and are returned back to Kathmandu.

There is much that one can take away from the bungee jumping trip in Nepal, the first is getting the excitement of jumping off a steel suspension bridge in the surreal environment of two mountains into a river gorge. The second is the free-fall excitement to a distance of 130 meters under the gravitational pull of the earth. The next being taken and brought back to your place of lodging within the day by privately to take in the experience before you hit the sack. One of the most overlooked is being able to be a part of extreme adventure and thrill, make other adventures something insignificant. Having lunch after your experience and hearing the screams of others on the way down, makes it all a smile on your face.

Is Bungee Jumping Safe?
It may look like a dangerous activity, but bungee jump is basically a safe activity with all the thrills and spirit of adventure. Like elsewhere in the world, the authority would not have given the go-ahead for such activity if it was to be harmful in any way. In fact, bungee jumping in Kathmandu has not had any fatalities till date, leave alone any injuries. Only those companies, who meet all the safety standards and use all the measures set down by International standards are allowed to run this activity. Plus, before you actually jump, you are medically checked and weight measurements to the very last centimeter so that the proper bungee is strapped on. So, you might wonder, “Why all the hue and cry?” and the jump of a free fall to safety and is enjoyable next to float in zero gravity in space.

Outline Itinerary
Early in the morning, drive from Kathmandu to Last Resort, commence bungee jump, explore around the resort then drop-off in Kathmandu.

Trip Highlights

  • Scenic drive from Kathmandu to Last Resort & back
  • Bungee jump from suspension bridge into a gorge - 545-foot (166-meter)
  • Enjoy the Nepalese countryside with greenery & fresh air
  • Witness countryside village life closer to the Kathmandu City


Bungee jumping in Kathmandu is a one day activity in which you will be picked at your place of lodging and driven in a private vehicle at the set time. The drive should take you at the most, three hours to the bungee jumping centre at Bhote Koshi River. Then you will be physically check by a doctor for any ailments that makes not taking the jump on conditions congenial for it. If all is fine, then you are measured for weight and placed in turn for the jump. When your turn comes, you are taken to the centre of the suspension bridge and the harness and bungee is put on you. The people who run the show, give you some advice as how to keep your composure and posture while on the way down. You are then given a soft shove of the ramp, and you go into free fall. In a few seconds, you find yourself dangling above the water. You are either pulled or let down to the surface to hike up to the suspension bridge, all depending on you. You then have lunch, in the surreal environment and after a while driven back by the means of private vehicle to your start lodging in Kathmandu. While on the jump down, video of your activity is record and later handed over to you.


What is Included

  • Round transfer by bus in a group join-in-basis.
  • Bungee Jump as per program (one time)
  • Lunch at the resort.
  • All government and local taxes, VAT.

What is Not Included

  • Private vehicle.
  • Any kind of alcoholic drinks, cold drinks & tea/coffee etc.
  • Insurance & emergency evacuation.


Where one can go for bungee jumping in Kathmandu Nepal?

One can go at the Last Resort for bungee jumping in Kathmandu Nepal where bungee jump can be done.

How much does bungee jumping cost in Nepal?

Bungee jumping cost in Nepal depends upon the type of program you take such as a day’s trip or if you wish to stay overnight at the resort or extra bungee/swing.

Where is bungee jumping in Nepal location?

Bungee jumping in Nepal location is at Last Resort closer to Nepal and Tibet border.

When is the best time for bungee jumping in Nepal?

The best time for bungee jumping in Nepal is round the year but avoiding monsoon (Jun-Aug) and winter (Dec-Feb) seasons are advised since in rainy season, the road to bungee camp may have obstac

What is the start and end point of bungee jump in Kathmandu?

The start and end point of bungee jump in Kathmandu are at Thamel at the Last Resort offi

When is the start time for bungee jumping in Nepal?

The start time for bungee jumping in Nepal is early in the morning at 6 am around but this depends upon the season which will be about half an hour less or more as per the season.

Where is the best bungee jumping in Nepal?

The best bungee jumping in Nepal is at Last Resort and it’s the most popular place for bungee jump in Nepal.

Where is Last Resort Nepal?

Last resort is closer to the Nepal and Tibetan border and is 100 kilometers from the Kathmandu City.

Will I be transferred to Last Resort?

Yes, and you will take a bus from Thamel early in the morning joining along with other travelers then drive to Last Resort. After the program, you will drive back to Kathmandu and drop-off at Thamel.

What is included in the package?

The package includes bungee jump, transfers by bus from Thamel/Last Resort/Thamel, lunch for one-day bungee jump program. If you want to stay overnight at the resort then the same can also be done.

Is bungee jumping near Kathmandu safe?

Bungee jumping near Kathmandu is completely safe and is performed by bungee jumping experts of the world. The bungee jumping site adheres to the international safety standards. The bridge from where you jump has been made by New Zealand’s famous consultants, using the best materials and equipment.

How much is bungee jumping in Nepal height?

Bungee jumping in Nepal height is 160 meters from the ground up to the bridge which is just above the Bhote Koshi River.

Is Nepal bungee jumping worth it?

Nepal bungee jumping is absolutely worth it and it’s one of the most popular adventure activities done by visitors from around the world including a good number of locals from Nepal itself.

What is the list of bungee jumping in Nepal?

The list of bungee jumping in Nepal includes two places, one at the Last Resort at Bhote Koshi River closer to Kathmandu city and another is at Pokhara in Hemja.

Trip Information

Tour Availability
Everyday departure joining with group.

If the tour is private then private car/van & if you are joining a group then transfer by tourist bus.

Tour duration
Tour duration is one day.

-Light weight clothing that will dry quickly, eg. shorts, t-shirt, swim wear for on the river.
-Warm clothing for the evenings including a fleece or a pullover.
-Sunscreen and lip protector.
-Sunglasses (with retaining device) and/or a cap.
-Toiletries (environmentally friendly is best!) and any personal medication.
-Footwear that will stay on in the river, ‘Tevas’ or tennis shoes are best.

Lunch is included.

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Bungee Jumping in Kathmandu

Trip Facts

  • Nepal
  • 01 Day(s)
  • All year round
  • Tourist bus
  • Easy
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Bungee Jump
  • Bungee Jump from , Last Resort

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