Everest Mountain Flight

1 Day


Everest Mountain Flight is a one hour flight made and specially routed by propelled fix winged plane with twenty passengers aboard so as to get the ultimate glory of viewing the pinnacles of Earth, the peak of Mount Everest. The planes used in concern are the Beechcraft 1900 D series with a 19 plus seat capacity. In it, each person in this 1 hour Everest Mountain Flight is guaranteed a window seat, from which he is able to go beyond the exhilaration of not only viewing and taking pictures of the scenic mountains below but also allowed into the cockpit to take pictures of the frontal assault of Mount Everest’s approach.

The flight is not only of Everest alone, which might be the crowning glory but of the whole Higher Himalayan range. The flight starts from Kathmandu and heads to Kanchanjunga, the point in which the Himalayan range starts in Nepal and flies parallel at a height of 35,000 to 25,000 feet so as to give you the most presentable view of the Mount Everest and the other Himalayan peaks and ranges. All of them will have their own shapes and contours covered with snow all year round. The Everest Mountain Flight finally takes leave from the Langtang Himalayas and heads back to Kathmandu over the mid-Himalayan Range, in which it is, giving you the secondary view of what the might Himalayan range created below its folds in the lush green verdure hills and valleys with gushing freshwater rivers and lakes.

There are many take away from mountain flight in Nepal. The foremost being that you get to see the Peak of Everest from the top and its contours in the early part of the day from the east with the glow of the sun on it. It gives you great pictures and videos to take. Don’t forget to bring your high performing camera for pictures to last you a lifetime. In addition to this, you are taken parallel over nearly the entire Himalayan range in which you can add to the collection of your experience of mountain peaks of above 8,000 meters like Mount Kanchanjunga (8,586m), Mount Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Mount Lhotse I (8,516m), Mount Makalu (8463m), Mount Cho Oyo (8,201m), Mount Manaslu (8,163m) and Mount Annapurna (8,091m). While in the air, your attention will be drawn to that of noteworthy from the flight crew. Plus, you will be taken into a lower elevation to the basin of the Annapurna, which is famed for some of the best topography in the world and also the reason which the trekking in Annapurna region is world sought after trekking destination. In it, you get to guess why. Then there is the Mount of Macchhapuchhare (meaning fishtail) that will take you breath almost away. For this mountain peak seems to have been sculptured into the landscape of the High Himalayan so as to give a variation to the mountains. Also, there is the time, while in and out to the Mid Himalayas, where you get a short glimpse of the vegetation, green hills, gorges, rushing rivers, and spot villages on hills and imagine how life has formed. This flight and what you see might make you feel like trekking in Nepal to get a first-hand feel of what is down there. Plus all these flights have the additional comfort of transportation to and from your point of lodging.

Is there anything worth considering for this flight?
There is nothing worth considering for our Everest Mountain Flight. In fact, they are some of the most technically secure flight with the experience the pilots have of docked flying hours over this region. Plus these propelled fixed-winged planes are made for flying in such terrains and have the modern equipment to do so. You would rather fly this, than on any other flight with the chances of something going wrong greater there. Modern aviation has made the danger rate drop almost to the negative spectrum. Yes, these mountain flights get cancelled often, that is not because of technical but natural reason. The high Himalayan mountain act like a barrier not only on the ground movement of people but also to the weather caused due to the movement of moisture, making certain areas not suitable to fly over at times, which can be detrimental to equipment such as the plane and you. It can also spoil the pleasure of viewing most of what you took the Everest Mount Flight in the first place. So when taking this flight, if you happen to be a tourist have some days on hand for taking the flight on another day, when all seems right. As the saying goes, “What man proposes, God disposes?” So be prepared for eventualities as it does fall in the hand of man.

Trip Highlights

  • See Mount Everest up close from the air
  • Enjoy breath-taking views of this iconic mountain
  • Marvel at several other Himalayan peaks


Everest Mountain Flight starts early in the morning so you are required to get ready early and board the super scenic flight which offers the spectacular sight of Mount Everest, Lhotse and Makalu. The 1 hour aircraft flies towards the east where you encounter the majestic mountain panorama including the tallest mountain in the world Mt. Everest along with the spectacular views of the flora and fauna and the Tibetan plateaus.


What is Included

  • Airport pick up/drop by a private vehicle (inside Kathmandu City)
  • 1-hour Everest mountain flight (Window seat Guaranteed)
  • Domestic airport departure tax.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • All government and local taxes.

What is Not Included

  • Personal expenses, meals, drinks etc.
  • Tips or gratuities.


What is Everest Mountain flight?

Everest mountain flight is to witness Mt. Everest including all the other world’s tallest mountains like Lhotse, Nuptse, Cho-yu, AmaDablam, and many more. Far off from Everest, you can also notice the great Tibetan plateau. The flight is a must for anyone who wishes to witness the world’s highest peaks and is one of the popular tourist activities.

When does Everest experience mountain flight starts?

Everest experience mountain flight starts early in the morning with the first flight taking off at around 6.30 am as per the weather conditions. There will be a series of flights after 6.30 am but mountain flights are done only in the morning and not at noon or evening.

What is the best time for Everest mountain flight from Kathmandu?

The best time for Everest mountain flight from Kathmandu is year-round but during monsoon (Jun-Aug) and winter (Nov-Jan), the flight can get delay or even canceled due to rain or poor weather conditions. But other months of the year are good to go for this flight

Can I see Mt. Everest during the tour?

Of course, you will including all the other Khumbu giants and the Tibetan plateau far behind. Your flight attendant will help you point out the mountains as it unfolds during the flight.

Is the Everest mountain flight in Nepal worth it?

Definitely, and Everest mountain flight in Nepal is the best for anyone who is not up for a long trek in the Everest region and those who have limited travel days. It’s also best for children or elderly who are physically not strong for high altitude trek in the Himalayas.

What is Everest mountain flight cost?

Everest mountain flight cost depends upon your group-size and wheater you are buying the mountain fight ticket only or also the hotel/airport/hotel transfers as well.

How long is the Everest Mountain flight time?

Everest Mountain flight time is 45 minutes to an hour. However, you need to be an hour before your flight time i.e. for 6.30 am flight, you need to be at the airport at 5.30 am. Usually, you will be back at your hotel at around 9 am after the flight if the flight is on time.

Can anyone take Mount Everest mountain flight from Pokhara?

No, Mount Everest mountain flight can only be taken from Kathmandu and starts/ends in Kathmandu, not from Pokhara.

Do I get pick up from the hotel whilst mountain flight to see Everest?

Yes, if you have booked the transfers you will be picked up and later dropped off at your hotel after mountain flight to see Everest. The pick-up is an hour before your flight time. Your driver shall be waiting for you outside the airport to finish your flight.

What happens if the mountain flight to Everest gets canceled due to bad weather? Is there a refund?

If the mountain flight to Everest got canceled then we shall try the next morning. If you are not able to join the next morning then refund will be made but deducting the cost of pick up/drop transfers. If you wish to try the next morning then another extra cost of the transfers will be applicable.

What should I wear during mountain flight over Everest?

It depends upon the month of your travel. During winter, warm clothes are recommended and in summer light clothes. Rainy season requires rain gears are recommend during mountain flight over Everest.

Trip Information

Tour Availability
Everest flight is available everyday (upon weather conditions).

We use comfortable car/mini-van for the transfers. For up to 2 people, car is provided and mini-van is for the group of 3-10 people.

Tour duration
The total duration of the program is an hour flight over the Himalayas witnessing some of the worlds tallest mountains including Everest.

Every day departure and guaranteed window seat.

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Everest Mountain Flight

Trip Facts

  • 4-5 hours
  • All Year Around
  • Easy
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Your hotel in Kathmandu
  • Your hotel in Kathmandu
  • Mountain Flight
  • Fly over world's highest peak including Mt. Everest
  • 1 hour

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