Trishuli River Rafting

1 Day


Trishuli River Rafting is an adventure activity where you get to raft down the river of Trishuli nearly half the day, in which you are taken to the spot where you are set sail and then take the thrills of the different category of rapids this river has to offer and when you have had you fill of this adventurous sport, you are picked from the spot where it usually concludes and taken back to Kathmandu.

Nepal is home to some of the many fresh water rivers than can be found on Earth, most of which stem from the countless glaciers up north from the High Himalayan Mountains. These glaciers feed these rivers the year around and which move South, Mostly, downhill cutting gorges, and making fast flowing rivers. Because of this, Nepal has some of the most fast flowing rivers with various categories of rapids, depending on the terrain it has cut through over time. This make River Trishuli a favourite place for making this sporting event possible and what adds to the delight, is the natural environment of the mountainous terrain in which it lies. This makes rafting in Trishuli all the more exciting besides passing and controlling the raft thought these natural made rapids.

Trishuli River Rafting is made possible for fans of this sport to international guests, as the river itself is accessible from Kathmandu as well as Pokhara where if you are one of them, you are most likely to land in or head to. Both of them are tourist centre of Nepal catering to other eco-sustainable activities like Trekking in Nepal and Mountaineering. Both of these cities are connected to River Trishuli which makes Trishuli River rafting a day tour possible for all. You take the fun of rafting this river in a day and get back home to the comforts of your temporary home (tourist) all in a day’s time and for a comforting sleep dreams of an adventures on what you have just accomplished.

Trishuli River rafting can be an adventure of a lift time for both, those who are seeking a collectively family adventure or for those diehard rafting adventurers, depending of the time of the year when it is taken. The river itself, is both a river glacial fed and monsoon fed one. It is during the rainy season called monsoons that the river swells and going through rapids is swifter with the water from the glacier and the rains from the surrounding hills adding to the volume of water flow, making it well suited for the diehard rafters. Other seasons when the river is much calmer, it welcomes all levels of rafters.

Outline Itinerary
Day 01 : Drive to rafting point, commence rafting then drive back to Kathmandu

Trip Highlights

  • - Explore the scenic villages, attractive gorges and exhilarating rapids
  • - Exciting and heart pounding adventure


Much is gain in the spirit of adventure in rafting on the river of Trishuli. The most astonishing thing, is travelling around different classes of rapids, hardly to be found elsewhere. It brings out the exhilarating feeling of what is going to happen next, as rafting on calm water is thing, and doing the same in thing on water flowing downhill another thing. It is about you predicting the next bend around a boulder and the manner in which I am going to encounter it. Else the fun of being toppled into the water and trying to get control of the raft, is a laugh at yourself or the other, “I didn’t get it right this time.” The next is not only about rafting, it is the landscape in which it is done. Both side of the river till you get to the plains and end your adventure, you are towered with hills with lush green forest and villages, here and there, drawing your attention away and at times making you feel, “What natural wonders that nature has to offer to make life more filling!” Then you have the fun of the excitement building up while you are being taken to the point of the real activity and then being ferried back home in the comfort of a private vehicle. Then there are the videos you might take with camera attached to your head to let you remember of all the screams and falls, and the hilarious laughs later to bring back each memory.

How safe is rafting on Trishuli?
Rafting is an adventure sport of the unknown and with all adventure sport, there is a degree of unpredictability as to how much you might plan the outcome. There can be some bruises and scratches, which is the same as when you play a game of football. You might land up in the water when the boat tumble, and scratch your leg, hand or face. The best part of this you are not doing this activity alone, but along with an experienced rafter who guides the whole show from start to finish. If you think you are drowning, he hooks you back into the boat to the laughter of the rest. Amateur rafters are not allowed to take the trip when the river is swollen, only profession one. So it can be safely said, that it is an adventurous activity meant for the whole family whom like the water side of life.


On the allotted day of your rafting trip on the river, you are picked up early from your lodging in Kathmandu and driven in a private vehicle to the starting point of the rafting port on the River Trishul, which should take an hour to two to reach. Once there, the rafting guide, will give you instruction on the does and don’t and others things associated with the trip. You set sail and the rafting adventure beings, in between, you might stop at a sandy beach on the river banks for some quick snacks, and then carry on. Once, you get to the completion point of the trip after all the fun and frolic, you take late lunch if you want and then you are driven back to your place of lodging in Kathmandu.


What is Included

  • Transportation from/to Kathmandu by bus on group join-in-basis.
  • All International standard rafting equipment as necessary (Such as self bailing rafts, helmets, life jackets, kayaks, plastic paddles etc.)
  • Well-trained and highly experienced rafting guide, and supporting staff.
  • Lunch (Nepali meal) during the rafting.
  • All rafting staff salary, insurance etc.
  • All necessary fees, Government/Local taxes and conservation area fees.
  • Tourist service charge.

What is Not Included

  • Any type of personal expenditure such Alcoholic beverages and drinks, phone, and laundry.
  • Food & accommodation cost in case of any natural accident caused by weather.
  • Rescue & insurance such as travel, cancellation, accident, health, emergency evacuation and loss, theft of or damage to baggage and personal effects. You are advised to insure for it.
  • Tips & Gratuities.


What is the best river for rafting in Nepal?

There are several rivers for rafting in Nepal like Seti, Sunkoshi, Bhotekoshi, Trishuli and all are equally popular. Among them, popular is the Trishuli River rafting which is ideal for any beginners and you don’t need any previous rafting experience.

Where is Trishuli River?

Trishuli River is located closer to the Kathmandu City and en-route to Pokhara or Chitwan. The river runs along the side of the highway with several river resorts with their own sandy beaches or even swimming pools. So Trishuli River rafting is a perfect gateway just a stone throw from Kathmandu.

When is the best time for Trishuli River rafting?

The best time for Trishul river rafting is Jan.-May. Jun.-Aug. Sep.-Dec. Trishuli rafting can be enjoyed in the other months too but the rapids will be low and in winter, the water will be too cold.

What is Trishuli River rafting price?

Trishuli River rafting price depends upon whether you are doing it privately or joining a group. For private package, you will have a private vehicle along with the rafting crew. If joining a group, you will drive by bus with other people joining in to the rafting put-in-point then start the progra

How to get there?

You can drive to Trishuli River overland and to reach the rafting put-in-point which will take about 3-4 hours. You can take a private vehicle for the drive if you’re joining a group then usually drive by bus along with others.

Can I start Trishuli river rafting package from Kathmandu? What about Pokhara?

Trishuli river rafting package start/end in Kathmandu but starting from Pokhara isn’t possible since Pokhara is far off then Kathmandu for the rafting to start in the morning. But Pokhara itself has another river popular for rafting like the Seti River rafting.

What should I bring during rafting at Trishuli River?

You need to bring your personal belongings during rafting at Trishuli River like swimsuits, undergarments as other rafting gears will be provided like life jackets, helmets etc. Packing depends upon the rafting program you are taking like if it’s for 2 days and you’re staying overnight then necessary clothing for 2 days needs to be packed.

What is Trishuli River rafting grade?

Trishuli River rafting grade is 3+ and is considered safe for rafting for any age-groups. There are even flat sections ideal for swimming when the rapids are over.

How many people will be in one raft?

One raft has 6 to 8 people including the rafting guide.

What rafting gears are provided on white water rafting in Trishuli River?

Rafting gears provided on white water rafting in Trishuli River are life-jacket, helmet and other personal items like wetsuits, rafting goggles etc you need to bring yourself.

Can I stay overnight on Trishuli river rafting one day?

If you have booked 1 night/2 days rafting package then you will stay overnight in a tent or sometimes at the nearby river resort. But on Trishuli river rafting one day, you will get back the same day to Kathmandu which will be around 5 pm.

Is food including during the Trishuli rafting package?

All food is included during the Trishuli rafting package. Please note in a day’s rafting ‘lunch’ is included and in 1 night/2 days program 1 breakfast, 1 dinner and 2 lunches are included plus the accommodation.

Who will lead the rafting trip?

An experienced river guide will lead the program who will be along with the group on the boat. The other one or two assistant river staff will be side by side on kayaks for any assistance or emergency. Please follow what your river guide has instructed you before starting the rafting.

Should I tip the rafting staff?

Tipping is not mandatory but let’s not forget that it has become a custom to show gratitude towards your rafting staff who did their best so that you get the best out of your rafting trip.

Trip Information

Tour guide
We provide the rafting experienced tour guide including the rafting support staff who makes your rafting memorable .

Tour Availability
Everyday departure either private tour or joining with group.

If the tour is private then private car/van & if you are joining a group then transfer by tourist bus.

Tour duration
Tour duration is about 4-5 hours approx.


-Light weight clothing that will dry quickly, eg. shorts, t-shirt, swim wear for on the river.
-Warm clothing for the evenings including a fleece or a pullover.
-Sunscreen and lip protector.
-Sunglasses (with retaining device) and/or a cap.
-Toiletries (environmentally friendly is best!) and any personal medication.
-Footwear that will stay on in the river, ‘Tevas’ or tennis shoes are best.

Lunch is included.

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Trishuli River Rafting

Trip Facts

  • 1 Day
  • Jan-May, June-August, Sep-Dec
  • Private vehicles or bus
  • Easy
  • Rafting
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu

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