UK removes restrictions for travel to Nepal to it’s citizens

A ban on ‘all but essential’ travel to all parts of Nepal has been lifted off by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office. The office has further added that some trails and trekking infrastructure along with that of Manaslu and Langtang national parks have been damaged by the earthquake and trekkers should check with their travel companies if they wish to trek in these areas. It advice that though some trekking trails are damaged, some of these have now been rebuilt. “Check with your tour company before trekking in these areas”. There’s a risks of aftershocks, landslides and avalanches particularly in these areas. Though main roads across Nepal are open, road conditions remain poor. it said. “Nepal is in a major earthquake zone and remains at risk from further earthquakes, aftershocks, landslides and flooding across the country. You should familiarize yourself with safety procedures in the event of an earthquake.”

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