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Weather in Nepal

Nepal is sub divided into three main regions namely the mountain region, the high hills and the plain Terai region. The climatic condition differs from one region to another. Though Nepal has got diverse climatic pattern, the weather is quite predictable in most part of the country. Unlike the western calendar, Nepali calendar divides the year round weather into six categories of seasons. The higher mountain regions and above observe heavy snow fall during winter. On the other hand, the trans-Himalayan region of Dolpo Mustang remain untouched by the monsoon rains. Pokhara receives the greatest amount of rainfall in Nepal during the monsoon time.

Summer temperatures in the Terai may reach up to 45 degrees. The temperature generally declines with the increase in altitude. The weather remains pleasant in the mountains. However, traveling by road might become risky during the monsoon season because of heavy downpour. The climate in the Himalayan region remains chilly throughout the year.

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