Which place is known as switzerland of Nepal?

What is called the Switzerland of Nepal? Jiri is located closer to the Kathmandu Valley which is A little bundle of magnificence, history, and heritage. Jiri was the oldest gateway and entrance to the Everest region. Since Lukla airport was even built at that time where renowned climber John Hunt, Edmund Hillary start the trek from Jiri for the Everest expedition back in 1950’. Jiri is blessed with immense natural beauty, lavish widely varied flora and fauna, gigantic cascades, cultural heritage, adventure experiences, and scenic grandeur. the Jirels, the ethnic people, are the main local inhabitants of Jiri.

Why Jiri is referred to as Switzerland of Nepal?
The story goes back to the 1930s’. The Swiss were sincerely interested in relating this laid-back village with a booming and clamoring town over time. Swiss helped a lot to uplift Jiri with roads to Jiri, the well-known Cheese Factory, the hospital, and many other construction activities. This companionship between Jiri and Switzerland in the 30s has prompted “The Switzerland of Nepal” to be called Jiri.

What are the Attractions of Jiri?

-Bazaar of Jiri
Jiri is considered one of the most fabulous tourist destinations in Nepal. Whilst in Jiri, visit Jiri Bazaar to see the marketplace to experience the local atmosphere and meet the locals who are passionate about their trademark, “Clean Jiri, Green Jiri, and Organic Jiri.”

-Agricultural Development Centre
Swiss were the ones to uplift Jiri’s development. The Agricultural Development Center, founded and operated by the Swiss Government, is the first and oldest Agricultural Center. The center offers training and jobs for local villagers to and improve agricultural earnings.

-Churpi and Cheese Factory
Jiri’s most fabulous souvenir is ‘Churpi’ – a local snack. One can enjoy this local churpi which is made out of yak cheddar with the magnificent fragrance of Jiri’s air. Visit the cheddar factory, see the procedure, and evaluate the quality of cheese while observing the conventional process of producing churpi.

-Explore the surroundings
Jiri Renowned for its natural magnificence is an ideal spot for just strolling about and taking in everything. Visitors can enjoy some spectacular views of the Himalayas like Langtang Himal, Ganesh Himal, Dorje Lakpa, Jugal Himal, Gauri Shankar, Shisha Pangma. Other nearby attractions includes Buddha Park, Tenzing Hillary Park, and Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple, Jiri Technical School statue of Rimporche or Jiri Hospital.

-Community Homestay
Homestay with the villagers is very interesting observing their daily lives. You will be offered a warm cordiality of the Jirels or Jiri people and become acquainted with their culture and rituals that are unique. Jirels have a language, history, customs, and lifestyle of their own. Their priest is known as the Lamas and they follow Buddhism.

-The Shailung Hills
The Shailung Hills of Nepal which is a cluster of 100 hills is must visit. This location actually has some 100 small hills and rolling meadows. As you ascend to a specific height you can witness green hillocks for what it’s worth and the mighty mountains in the background.

-Kalo Bhir
Kalo Bhir is situated On the route to Cherdung. from Kalo Bhir all the Three major cities Charikot, Dolakha, and Jiri, can be seen. Kao Bhir is a huge piece of rock standing on the top of the mountain. Be aware that due to its steep terrain and ground-breaking wind, one can scarcely balance on the top. The hike is 4 hours stroll up Jiri’s hill, Linkan Bazar.

– Ramite Danda
Ramite Danda or hill was formerly referred to as Rang-rang Cliff or Bhir. Latre it was named Ramite Danda. Now Tony Began’s statue is newly erected, and there’s Tony Began Park also. Ramite Danda can be reached with half an hour uphill from Linkan Bazar to the northeast. 

How can one reach Jiri?
One can reach drive only via overland drive and there are no direct flights to Jiri. From Kathmandu, you need to drive to Jiri via the BP Highway with the Eastern Nepal Terai districts. frequent buses and micro-buses ply to Jiri From various parts of Nepal. Jiri is approximately 200km from Kathmandu and the driving hour is around 7 hours. Though Jiri has an airfield but not well managed and is not paved. But Ramechhap Airport is situated very close to Jiri. Jiri is about 30 km from Ramechhap Airport. If anyone is interested to visit Jiri then they can go for Classic Everest Base Camp Trek which starts from Jiri.

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