Is Bhutan open for tourist now

Not yet. Bhutan coronavirus lockdown started on 6th March 2020 and up till now, no definite plan of tourism reopening has been announced. At the present times there’s no Bhutan covid deaths and Bhutan corona cases today are 440 where the majority of the infected people are also already recovered. As ordered by His Majestic the King of Bhutan, Bhutan is following zero-death-policy. His Majesty the King is in the front line of the fight, inspiring the people. Another factor blocking travelers is the tourism restrictions in transit countries.

When Bhutan open for tourists?
Up till further notice Bhutan is closed at the moment although the tourism sector is poorly affected by covid 19 in Bhutan. Travelers are also influenced by the restrictions imposed by the countries to enter Bhutan. It’s not possible to say when will Bhutan open for tourists looking into international situations and especially covid cases in nearby India. Even though Bhutan is following a strict zero-death policy from COVID-19, Bhutan might reopen for the new tourism year of 2021.

Bhutan travel and covid update
Due to Bhutan travel restrictions currently, the country is not open for tourism. But Bhutan corona update is impressive with no single death, low infections and high recovery rate if compared to like say the neighboring country India. In fact, there’s no problem with a massive outbreak in Bhutan due to Bhutan’s small and disciplined population. The law is also strong and with effective government measures to keep the virus at bay. All tourism entries into Bhutan have been suspended and all travelers, even Bhutanese, are subject to three weeks of quarantine when entering Bhutan from other countries. From 23rd March, the border with India has also been sealed. But still, the virus founds its way to Bhutan through the border and sporadic community transmission started. It’s being well contained by the authorities through aggressive contact tracing and testing.

Bhutan small group and private tour 2021
It is highly likely that Bhutan will reopen for tourism in the year 2021 during when Bhutan small group tours including a private tour to Bhutan will surely going to operate. Small group trips to Bhutan is the best way to enjoy Bhutan and witness its natural beauty along with experience it’s unique Buddhist culture and traditions. Any of the private tour operators in Bhutan will be most delighted to handle such a group. Likewise, a private tour to Bhutan is also another best option to visit Bhutan. One can’t simply travel/enter into Bhutan and must come through a local tour operator of Bhutan. So anyone’s planning a holiday at Bhutan then a Bhutan tour with a government registered local travel company is highly recommended.

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